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Three Types of Backlinks You Need to Rank Your Content

Jan 8

Every effort is little to conquer the increasingly top positions in Google. However, generating quality links is one of the techniques that will help you the most to win favor with search engines. On this occasion, we are going to teach you the three most useful types of backlinks to position your content and, of course, we are going to teach you how to obtain them.

What are backlinks?

Backlinks are links that are strategically placed within the content of a website or blog to bring its readers to a certain site (in this case, your page). Its objective is quite clear: to obtain, organically, quality traffic; which is made up of people with a real interest in your products and/or services (or in your blog, if applicable). There are two factors that are decisive for a backlink strategy to be successful in search engines:

  • The first is related to the quality of the content and refers directly to the ability of a link to respond to the user's search intention.
  • The second has to do with the number of backlinks that certain content from your website receives (as long as they are quality references, as specified above).

So, before getting backlinks, make sure to check what you are looking for and after getting them ensure to have control over them by tracking them with the best backlink tracker!

What types of backlinks are there?

There are two main categories of backlinks: follow and nofollow. In the first case there is not much to explain. These are links that both users and search engines will associate with a certain search intention.

In the case of no follow links, on the other hand, these are links through which different people can access your content, however, they will not be used by search engines to classify your site from the thematic point of view , because it is not relevant content within your website. Affiliate links are an example of nofollow.

3 most beneficial types of backlinks (follow) to generate an impact on your SEO positioning

With more or less difficulty, one thing is very clear: getting a quality backlink will always require effort on our part. Nobody is going to refer to us if we do not add value in some way, or in several ways. Among the quality links for a good SEO strategy, the ones that we will show you below stand out:

1. Links to valuable content

There are titles that seem obvious when reading them and without a doubt this must be one. However, many times what we consider obvious are the biggest setbacks we can have. Therefore, let's start by defining what is really considered valuable content.

To begin with, one thing is very clear: when you publish on the Internet, anyone can link to you. Now, it is much more beneficial, convenient and useful, when the reference comes from a medium with certain authority and/or relevance. Of course, it is more difficult to get their attention (you only get it with quality content).

So what is quality content? Well, the quality content is fresh and original, which you can't find on many other websites. It displays relevant data from verified sources and also responds highly effectively to the search intent on which it is built.

This content is also usually perennial, that is, it can remain relevant and pertinent for a long time without needing to be updated. Contains exclusive data: interviews with experts, infographics, results of own surveys and/or research, cases and personal or collective success stories, among others.

2. Links in Guest Blogs

Guest posts can be a very useful ally when executed boldly. Using the traffic and authority of a certain site to introduce ourselves and talk about what we offer is an option that in fact not everyone can afford.

This type of backlinks, in short, is super effective. However, it is important to consider a few factors:

  • The article must be done on a blog whose niche is closely related to ours.
  • The content of the article must be of the highest quality (you are a visitor, your image must be more than impeccable).
  • The landing page (where the link leads to) must be impeccable. Yes, we are talking about your website!

3. Backlinks in local directories

Local directories and niches are one of the most valuable sources of backlinks. To begin with, they are domains with great authority and a very high level of traffic. On the other hand, they allow the content to be classified with great precision and, fortunately, Google never penalizes links from directories (as long as they are not spam).

For the links in local directories to be effective, it is essential that you create ads that describe the products or services you offer very well.