One invitation after another Clubhouse positions itself as an appealing marketing tool for your brand.

The trending audio-only app offers a world of opportunities to build a community, connect with listeners, and distinguish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Ready to get in on the clubhouse action? We share four ways to establish an engaging marketing strategy – this is a conversation to prepare for!

4 ways to market your brand in the clubhouse

The clubhouse offers brands and developers the opportunity to reach new audiences and make new connections.

If you want to include clubhouse marketing in your marketing Brand strategyHere are four ways to optimize your presence for growth:

  1. Optimize your brand’s clubhouse bio
  2. Take part in industry-relevant rooms and discussions
  3. Start a space that opens up your niche in the industry
  4. Work with industry leaders to reach new audiences

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# 1: Optimize Your Clubhouse Brand Bio

The first three lines of your clubhouse bio are shown in the preview of your profile. So it is a good idea to stand out.

According to String Nguyen, a trusted marketing and branding expert on the platform: “Your first three lines set purpose and credibility. With clear brand positioning, you can expand and attract your community. ”

In simple terms? Make it clear who you are and what you are doing. Explain how you can help other clubhouse users.

Beyond the first three lines, do yours Bio as informative and engaging as possible with relevant awards, social evidence and media features.

It’s also a good idea to add relevant keywords to optimize your chances of being found on Clubhouse’s exploration page.

Clubhouse marketing

Most importantly, don’t forget to let people know how to connect with you and what rooms or clubs you are hosting.

TIP: Format your bio by adding line breaks to highlight important details.

# 2: Join industry-relevant rooms and conversations

Speaking is literally the name of the game when it comes to clubhouse. And it’s the easiest way to get awareness and build brand awareness.

Be active – join spaces relevant to your industry and use the stage to your advantage.

However, do not speak to be heard. How James North, Founder of Fohr advises: “Make sure you have something interesting to say and can add something to the conversation – the rest is just noise.”

Raise your hand, take part in panel discussions, and add value to conversations by positioning yourself as an industry expert.

TIP: While it may be tempting to connect rooms with thousands of users, smaller niche rooms often offer greater potential for being invited on stage.

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# 3: start a space that opens up your niche in the industry

Stage fright is gone – creating a room in the clubhouse is your ticket to success.

Moderating a room allows you to go beyond the boardroom and target your audience. It offers a space to speak openly and unlock valuable insights in real time.

Are you looking for feedback on your latest product? Host a room, ask questions, and take notes!

To start a room in the clubhouse:

First go to your “hallway” and tap on “+ start room” at the bottom of the screen.

Tap on “+ Add Topic” to name your room (maximum 60 characters).

Clubhouse marketing

Next, you’ll be asked to choose from three room options:

  • “Open” that is open to the public
  • “Social” open only to users you follow
  • “Closed” only to users you choose

Then click on “Let’s go.”

Clubhouse marketing

TIP: Promote the date and time of your room on other social media channels such as Instagram or Twitter to keep your existing followers informed and cause a stir.

# 4: Work with industry leaders to reach new audiences

When it comes to clubhouse, two votes are better than one.

The great thing about Clubhouse is how easy it is to host a club or room with other industry experts in your field.

By partnering with relevant brands and developers, you can leverage their audience and reach a community that is already engaged in your niche.

To take Sarah Lee and Christine Chang who run the beauty brand Glow recipe. They teamed up with body positive lawyers Tess Holliday at a recent product launch.

Source: Amoize

The audience could have direct access to us and ask questions with specific takeaways, ”says Lee.

“There were rough conversations about the lack of representation [in the beauty industry] and what brands and companies can do to get ahead better, ”added Chang.

Take that away? Collaboration is an opportunity to share the microphone, increase the diversity of thoughts, and improve traction in your industry.

TIP: Chat with co-hosts ahead of time to outline key discussion points and get a deeper understanding of their points of view. Clubhouse is a live forum with limited moderation functionality.

I get #clubhouse now. It’s like having a talk radio station that you could ever dream of, with “experts” on any topic or just one community, and you can call and be a guest on a radio show. A lot of goodwill here, good content and engagement so far. @joinClubhouse

– Shingai @ (@Tjido) April 13, 2021

Regardless of whether you are consolidating yourself as a thought leader or using an existing brand partnership, Clubhouse allows you to get in touch with your audience on a deeper, more personal level for brand marketing.

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Amanda Demeku

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