We made the decision to compile basic SSH commands for our readers and customers. You can use these commands to process VPS and Server SSH. This list of SSH commands will make your life easier.
If you want to know how to use PuTTY to access your server through your Windows operating system, then this is the place to read.

PuTTY installation instructions

1. ls command

The command ls shows us a list of directories and files from the server. You can use this command to view directories and files. You can see the following results after typing ls and pressing Enter on the screen on Linux.

Results of the command

These are some additional commands. You can use these commands to view more detailed information about files and directories.

-l – Shows you important information such as file size, creation date, owner and permissions.

-a – With this command you can search hidden files and directories on your server and VPS

2.mkdir command

After seeing your directory listing to create a new directory, this command will create one for you. You need to type mkdir and your folder name in small-cap and hit enter. You can see in the following screen that we created the directory as a “Folder”. Enter the ls command again and you can find your new directory.

5 Basic SSH Commands for VPS or Server.  2

3. CD command

After creating a new directory, you must use the cd command to change to the new directory. In the Linux window, type ‘cd’ and the desired folder name and press Enter.

5 Basic SSH Commands for VPS or Server.  3

In this screen you can see that with the cd command we successfully entered ‘newfolder’ in our new directory.

eWebGuru tips

When giving commands to the server, “right click” with the mouse means “paste” so DO NOT use Ctrl + v

In order to get to the subdirectory, you must enter the full path after the following CD command.

cd myfolder / subdirectory and hit enter.

If you want to go back, just put two periods after the CD like this

cd ..

This command takes you one step back.

4. Touch Command

Our fourth command is’ touch. ‘This command creates a new file for you. Make sure to first go to the folder you want using the cd command, then type the touch command and a new file name. For example, in the following screen you can see that we have created a file called ‘eWebGuru’ in my folder directory that I created earlier

5 Basic SSH Commands for VPS or Server.  4th

You can see how we went from the root directory to my folder directory using the cd command and then we created a file called ‘ewebguru’. We can see a created file with the ls command.

5 Basic SSH Commands for VPS or Server.  5

You can remove the entire folder by typing this command. rm -r folder name

5 Basic SSH Commands for VPS or Server.  6th

5. command cp

This command will help you copy the file. Make sure you are in the folder where the source file is located. Enter the cp command, the name of the source file, and the name of the newly copied file.

5 Basic SSH Commands for VPS or Server.  7th

You can see in this example that we went to my folder directory and copied the file: ewebguru ‘to’ ewebguru1 ‘. Both files are visible after the ls command.

5 Basic SSH Commands for VPS or Server.  8th

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