Of all the websites that are online worldwide, WordPress is the Content Management System (CMS) that supports 27% of them. This should give you a sense of the dominance WordPress has as site management software. However, that’s not the only reason you should choose WordPress as your ecommerce website. When you are about to build an ecommerce website there are numerous compelling reasons why WordPress should be your website CMS and why it should showcase your online store to the rest of the world.

Reasons to Use WordPress for Ecommerce

1. The leader in e-commerce

Distribution of e-commerce usage across the top 1 million websites (source)

The undisputed leader in ecommerce websites in WooCommerce with 21% of all ecommerce websites. The closest competitor is Shopify with 18% and Magento with 12% in third place. So it’s easy to see that WooCommerce has a significant head start. If you weren’t aware of this fact, WooCommerce is the ecommerce extension to WordPress, and this explains the extraordinary popularity of hosting online stores.

Given that there are so many WordPress websites around the world in the first place, it is only natural that a lot of these websites would choose to start an ecommerce business and that leads straight to WooCommerce. However, it is not the leader according to a standard status. WooCommerce actually offers some great services and some very powerful features that help make online shopping a wonderful experience for all visitors. You can create your WooCommerce online store in a few simple steps. What’s more, it’s very easy to manage and it’s free. The costs of running your online shop are therefore no more than the costs of setting up your WordPress website.

2. Excellent security

Everyone involved in e-commerce must have complete security for themselves and their customers. WordPress was designed from the first step to be as secure as possible. All coding in the core of WordPress was included for security reasons. Given that your WordPress database stores login information, payment details, and a whole catalog of other sensitive information, it is imperative that your system has solid security.

In addition to the security measures built into WordPress, you can also set up SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology so that all exchanges between you and customers are encrypted. In addition, there are a number of plug-ins that you can add to your WordPress site for even more security.

3. Scalable and reliable

If your e-commerce business is fortunate enough to see rapid growth, you’ll be happy to know that WordPress is extremely scalable and reliable to accommodate that growth. Regardless of the size of your online business, WordPress can easily manage it without you having to do a lot of tinkering or making changes to your website.

Example of a WordPress developer profile in Upwork (source).

If you didn’t have that scalability, you’d either have to make changes to the website yourself or hire a web developer to do it for you. If you happen to experience several such growth spurts, it can cost you a lot of money to further modify your website. Fortunately, none of this is required with WordPress, and your WordPress ecommerce website can easily grow with your business.

4. Open source code

One of the reasons WordPress is free is because there are literally thousands of people in the WordPress community who put their time and effort into keeping it updated. Undoubtedly, if WordPress were proprietary and maintained by paid developers, there would be a cost, and updates would be relatively infrequent and widespread.

With open source code, there is no need to rely on a single company for funding. This means that your online shop can continue to operate independently of the finances of another company. One of the great advantages of open source code is that developers all over the world keep coming up with improvements and improvements that can make WordPress better and easier to use.

If you compare this to other hosted ecommerce platforms, you will find that they simply don’t have the large number of contributors that WordPress does, and neither can they do it for the same competitive price. Since there is literally an army of WordPress contributors constantly developing new and better methods for the software, you can run your ecommerce website the way you want at the right price.

5. Additional functions

Kind of an extension of the previous point, there is an amazing amount of additional functionality available to you when you have a WordPress ecommerce site. Regardless of what your requirements are for your online store, there is undoubtedly already a plug-in developed for this express purpose that can help you customize your website so that it works exactly the way you do want.

One of the great things about WordPress is that you can endlessly customize it to suit your circumstances and add a tremendous number of plug-ins to do exactly what you want and make your website more secure. Because WordPress is so popular itself, there are literally an endless number of designers and developers working to contribute to the software and developing code for the platform. This means that the number of plug-ins and other features available to you is practically unlimited and the possibilities of your ecommerce website are unlimited.