There is no such thing as “one size fits all” in logo design, and you have the freedom to explore different dynamics when creating a logo for your ecommerce business.

Logos have become an integral part of branding as they create consistency, trigger customer memories, and build brands’ trust in consumers.

Ecommerce Logo Design Tactics

Regardless of the freedom you have in designing a logo, you want to design an effective logo that will appeal to your niche customers’ tastes and adhere to industry best practices. Here’s how you can achieve that.

Less is more

When designing a logo, you might be tempted to include all of your business aspects, which ultimately ruins the design. As is clear from many successful brands, good logo designs consist of a single graphic representation, for example the logos of Apple Inc. or Microsoft, or a text-based presentation such as the bicycle dealer Condor or the shipping company FedEx.

There’s no need to include dozens of characters in your logo as something simple and straightforward can do the trick. You can use your company’s initials instead of full name

Optimize for mobile devices

Most online shoppers use their cell phones to search, browse, and buy products. Make sure your brand logo is optimized for mobile phones with a scalable and presentable appearance on a mobile screen.

An appealing logo ensures a better user experience on different platforms and thus increases the freshness of the brand. When optimizing your logo, remember to consider the screen sizes of other digital devices such as tablets.

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Use pictures

Our minds process images faster than characters. If possible, you’ll want to include an image in your logo. However, care should be taken when selecting images so that the company name is not outshone, unless your logo is solely an image.

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The image you choose should represent the services, identity and USP of your brand. It would be wise if the picture conveys a clear picture of your company and customers have no second guess interpretations.

Keep it horizontal

Using space efficiently counts in all aspects, and you don’t want your logo to appear cluttered. Holding horizontally has two main advantages.

  • You can put it on the left where the first thing the customer sees
  • It ensures that customers can see the product without scrolling down where they could be distracted

Keep up to date with the fashion

Before deciding on any ideas, you need to thoroughly study the modern trends in logo design. Remember that your logo is a timeless representation of your company.

Ideally, you want users to instantly connect to your logo and take the burden off the memory of what your company offers. This creates an emotional connection with your customers as they link their needs to your solutions.

Final grade

A logo tells the story of your company. It conveys the ethos and identity of your brand and the ideas behind your products.

Creativity is not enough when designing a logo, and you should consider other factors to ensure that the logo is ethical and in line with modern market trends.