Photo editing trends come and go fast, especially on Instagram.

And with a new one Photo editing apps When you pop up almost every day, it can be difficult to keep up with trending effects and filters.

To keep your feed fresh and up to date, we’re sharing 8 Instagram photo editing trends that will be popular in 2021:

# 1: black and white photos

The black and white photo trend has gradually gained momentum over the past 12 months and we say this will be a big trend for 2021.

An influx of brands and developers are now spicing up their feeds with black and white photos, creating a striking juxtaposition between monochrome and full color.

8 photo editing trends you should try today


Ready to join this trend? Most Photo editing apps have a number of black and white presets, but those Adobe Lightroom App (available for iOS and Android) is a good starting point. There are 10 different black and white presets to choose from, each with a slightly different aesthetic.

You can also go a step further by combining black and white edits with other vintage-inspired trends on this list, such as: B. heavy grain, glitches and blurring, or scrapbook collage compositions.

Once you’ve made your black and white changes, consider how they will look alongside the other posts on your Instagram feed.

8 photo editing trends you should try today


One of the easiest ways to do this is by using a free visual planning tool to experiment with different feed compositions before you hit the publish button!

Later Visual Instagram Planner shows you exactly what your Instagram feed will look like with your future posts in it so you can achieve the perfect grid.

You can easily rearrange or swap photos from your media library until you find the best composition for your feed. Also, you can now use Later Visual Instagram Planner directly from your phone!

# 2: The “no-edit” editing

Gone are the days of hard editing and inflated saturation – “no-edit editing” is the trend everyone will be happy about in 2021.

We talk about tiny changes, a touch of color change and say goodbye to unrealistic changes. Check out how creator Aysha Harun took this minimal style into their feed:

Even the most natural Instagram photos are likely to get some behind-the-scenes changes. The trick, however, is to keep them subtle. Make minor changes to the contrast, brightness, and color corrections.

This minimal machining trend goes hand in hand with that Rise of authentic content In recent years, the way brands interact and interact with their communities has changed. Once upon a time, brands strived for beautiful perception. But in 2021, more brands than ever before will embrace openness, honesty, and vulnerability.

By sharing a more realistic portrait, brands can connect on an authentic level – and build a stronger, longer-lasting relationship with their audience.

# 3: Heavy grain effects

Vintage camera-inspired edits are a big trend for 2021, and high-grain filters are growing in popularity on Instagram.

This grainy, grainy texture can be used on almost any photo or video, but is especially effective on a slightly desaturated palette.

By pairing the vibrancy and adding layers of grain, the result is reminiscent of an old Polaroid or Kodak print that can add a touch of nostalgia or romance to any lining.

The easiest way to recreate the increased grain effect? Just increase the grain settings in a photo editing app like over, VSCO, or Light space (all available for iOS and Android).

# 4: text overlays

Adding text to Instagram posts is a great way to tell a stronger story through visual content – and it’s definitely a growing trend for 2021.

From asking questions to sharing product details, text overlays are a great way to communicate information at a glance. This can be a powerful intervention technique.

The best part? You don’t have to sacrifice yours visual branding! There are tons of creative and aesthetically pleasing ways to incorporate text into images.

For information on creative fonts, visit websites such as Typewolf and Future fonts. They are full of great testimonials and recommendations. When it comes to application, this is the Canva The desktop app makes it easy to rotate and reposition text elements to create a fun, wavy text path.

Similar, over allows you to add colored fonts to any color code background or image. In the Over app (available for iOS and Android), you can experiment with resizing fonts, duplicating text, opacity, and composition.

# 5: video glitches and blurry pictures

This year brands and businesses are turning away from picture-perfect feeds.

Instead, intentional imperfections are placed in the front and center – from eerie video glitches to blurry photography.

This trend is a nod to a time when technology was less advanced and getting the “perfect shot” was no easy task.

To the LaterConLater’s design team used a glitching effect to give the video content a low-fi quality:

The result is eye-catching, memorable and slightly nostalgic.

To restore this trend, try an editing app like Film (iOS and Android) to apply vintage camcorder effects to videos Tezza appPrism function (iOS) to increase the blurring effect.

Instagram Stories Face Filters have come a long way since they were first introduced – and the Chromatic Pulse filter is a favorite that will help you achieve a cool, “glitchy” look.

TIP: Combine this trend with some yellow retro subtitles (also available in the Tezza app) for an extra nostalgic hit.

# 6: The M5 preset of the VSCO app

Every year there is a filter that Instagram seems to take over – and this year it is VSCO M5 preset of the app.

This preset is part of the VSCO package M Series: Subtle Fade, which is inspired by vintage hues of the 70s.

8 photo editing trends you should try today


These desaturated and mild presets are ideal for urban environments and portraits and are available in the VSCO app (iOS and Android).

Other popular options for 2021 are Tezza’s INSPR and VSCO’s A6 preset – both have subtle, analog-inspired hues.

Are you looking for more creative inspiration? Discover the most popular Graphic design trends for 2021.

# 7: scrapbook style photo collages

Collages have been trending on Instagram for years, but the most recent sub-trend includes scrapbook-inspired elements.

Think of paper structures, annotations, and layers of duct tape for an added handmade aesthetic.

Fortunately, there are tons of free editing apps out there that you can use to recreate that cool collage effect.

Storyluxe (iOS) has a dedicated collage template category Unfold (iOS and Android) has mood board and scrapbook categories.

For an even more creative application, you can use an app like SCRL or content drips to create a collage that ties all the images together in a carousel post.

As you scroll through the post, each picture advances to the next, creating a memorable and engaging photo experience that users will love.

Ready to start? Discover 8 trending collage making apps for Instagram.

# 8: color blocking in the feed

If you are hoping to gain new followers in 2021, this is a photo editing trend to try.

Blocking in-feed colors can make your Instagram grid look more professional and cohesive. This is a great way to encourage users to click the Follow button on your profile.

Color blocking can be achieved by using harmonious tones side by side or by using a strict color scheme that ties all of your posts together.

For example, flower follows a dark blue and blushing color palette:

8 photo editing trends you should try today


You can even go a step further with this trend and find visual ways to vertically connect your grid posts – since the same posts will always be above and below each other once published.

The later team used this visual tactic to encourage that TikTok 10 day challengeTo create a fully connected and visually striking grid:

8 photo editing trends you should try today

As we said before Creating a cohesive Instagram aesthetic Because your feed is very important if you want to gain more followers and engagement. But don’t be afraid to try something new!

If you’re not sure what new photos should look like in your feed, pre-edit them and use Later’s Visual Instagram planner.

Are you ready to create the perfect Instagram aesthetic for your brand? Design, curate, and help plan your feed Later!

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