8 Ways To Get More From Your Slack Standup Bot

from Adam

The second Slack went mainstream, Slack bots were also successful. Slack bots make work life easier by automating a number of routine tasks. One of the most important is: daily stand-ups.

Today, thousands of businesses are using a Slack standup bot instead of performing face-to-face or zoom-based standups. Usually for one of two reasons:

  1. Either the company or multiple teams are remote-first, meaning time zone differences make it challenging to find stand-up time that works for everyone, or;
  2. Routine standups simply take up too much time and turn from 15-minute updates into hours of decision-making discussions, code reviews or general chat.

If you fall into one of the categories above, it may be time to give a Slack standup bot a try.

They allow you to perform asynchronous daily standups that are entirely hosted in Slack. This means teams of all sizes, anywhere, can take advantage of a quick stand-up meeting – without disrupting workflows or spending hours on a Zoom call.

Imagine being able to stay in sync with what your team is working on, let others know when you’re stuck, enjoy a (virtual) chat with water coolers and still feel productive? With the right Slack standup bot, you can do all of that … and more.

Here are eight ways to get more out of your bot.

Here’s how to get the most out of your Slack Standup Bot

There are a lot of Slack Standup Bots out there. Many offer features beyond the daily stand-ups: Here are eight features you may not be familiar with:

  1. Team reviews

If you’re doing daily stand-ups, you’re probably doing team retrospectives as well. If you do, you’ll want a slack standup bot that can handle retros just as easily. Slack-based retrospectives give you a written record of your team members’ views on the progress of a project that you can refer back to at any time.

When you host team retrospectives in Slack, you can choose to run them on a routine schedule – be it weekly, bi-weekly, or ad hoc.

2. Product change log

Daily standups can track progress, but may not see product changes. If you have a Slack standup bot that can also record changes in product development, you’re on a winner. Product change logs keep teams organized and updated, even if the roadmap changes course.

And with everything that’s recorded in Slack, you can see how and when your product changed, and even filter by specific time periods.

3. Error log

Just as it is helpful to track product changes, it is valuable to record bugs. This fosters a learning-based culture by encouraging teammates to share when they made a mistake – and what they did to correct their course.

The Slack Error Log may help you determine if there are general patterns, so you can take steps to avoid certain errors in the future.

4. Meeting notes

The best Slack standup bots shouldn’t just focus on development-related events. Ideally, they can adapt to each type of meeting, take notes from that meeting, and distribute the most important content in Slack so a team can review it at an appropriate time.

5. Sales reports

Why not refine your meeting notes and turn them into sales reports? Optimize your bot to track your progress towards sales goals, using the written record of your team’s performance as a motivational force.

You can even refer to it anytime you want, review your sales over time, and use the insights to spot trends.

6. “Today I learned …”

Not every update has to focus on the next steps. Some should encourage learning. Slack bots can help make knowledge sharing a consistent routine by encouraging people to tell others what they discovered on a given day.

That way, everyone becomes a source of new ideas and you can still come across innovations even if people don’t have the fabled chat with water coolers.

7. Team feedback

Some updates should be a simple “pat on the back” or “Here’s how you can improve”. The beauty of running these feedback sessions in Slack is that they can be anonymous (if it helps). However, the set schedule ensures that you remember to sign up with your team and let them know how they’re doing.

8. Pizza toppings

“Huh?” you say. “What does pizza have to do with work?” Well just everything. And a slack standup bot is a great way to get your team to relax, ask personal questions, and connect over favorite pizza toppings shared.

If you don’t like pizza ask about movies. If you prefer computer games go there. We’re just saying there are no limits to what you can ask – and your Slack standup bot should be flexible enough to accommodate (almost) any requirement.