Social listening is a social media superpower. And with the right tools, you can use this power for the benefit of your brand.

Sprout Social’s listening solution lets you create highly customized topics that highlight conversations that matter most to your brand and answers your burning questions.

Read on to find out how Sprout customers and reps used listening to answer nine brand-critical questions.

1. Which day is leg day?

The agency of a major music streaming brand came up with the idea of ​​creating and promoting playlists based on their listeners’ workouts. Ultimately, the question arose what day is leg day.

You need to have a separate leg tag playlist, it’s important

– Jordannn (@ lockha12), August 15, 2018

With Sprout Social’s listening tool, they were able to set up a simple topic query with “leg tag” as the main keyword and Twitter, Facebook and Instagram as the network of choice.

In order to be able to access Facebook data, the network must contain certain pages. As a result, the agency has selected multiple fitness outlets such as Women’s and Men’s Health, as well as people like Mark Wahlberg, who is known for his intense workout routine.

The agency reviewed a month’s data and looked at which days are trending with the highest volume of messages in terms of leg day. There was a clear answer: Wednesday.

2. Who was the artist of summer 2020?

In 2020, 96.5 (WTDY-FM) Philadelphia, a RADIO.COM pop radio station that is part of the massive Entercom brand, wanted to know, “Who was the artist of the summer?”

The radio station launched an election poll so fans could crown a key winner. In order to be able to vote on Twitter and Instagram, fans had to provide the handle of the radio station, the name of an artist and #ArtistOfTheSummer. These voting requirements matched the keywords set in the broadcaster’s interception, so each entry was automatically captured.

After nine voting rounds, former One Direction member Louis Tomlinson was crowned #ArtistOfTheSummer 2020. The competition was so successful that 96.5 (WTDY-FM) Philadelphia continued to use the method for other competitions to crown album of the year, best music video, and more.

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3. What should the next season of our podcast focus on?

Haarper., a Melbourne, Australia-based boutique consultancy, relies on Sprout’s listening solution to deliver exceptional insights and results for its clients’ strategies. When her client, Puka Up, started planning the second season of his mental health and wellbeing podcast, listening was critical to the editorial direction.

“We focused on figuring out what people wanted to hear about after the first season of the Puka Up podcast, and we found that ways to address mental health problems are more important than those who suffer from them,” said Dan Wilkins, the general manager and co-founder of hairper.

“That had a direct impact on how we approached the second season of the podcast. Finding guests trained to treat mental health issues was a goal for the start of a second season, and it is done. “

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4. Who is the NFL goat?

In the final weeks of the 2020 NFL season, quarterbacks Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Patrick Mahomes landed in division championship games, raising the age-old question of who is the greatest of all time (aka GOAT).

Sprout’s own Chris Long, a social listening professional, decided to investigate.

Word Cloud Image with Goat Emoji Filter Revealing Much by Tom Brady

When he used keywords and the goat emoji to analyze the hearing data, Mahomes was in the mix, but when people debated the possibility of a “GOAT Bowl” matchup, Brady and Rodgers came out on top. However, when Brady went into the big game, he was the clear winner in terms of message volume. Not to mention social was overflowing with talks about Brady making his tenth big game appearance and chasing his seventh ring at the age of 43.

The GOAT Bowl never came to fruition, but if you’ve seen the big game, it shouldn’t come as a shock that Brady’s GOAT status only solidified.

5. How does our customer service compare to our competitors?

Today, social media is (or should be) an essential part of any customer care strategy. When a leading chain restaurant wanted to see how customer care compared to its competitors, they turned to Sprouts Social Listening.

Example of the Sprout Competitive Analysis Listening Tool

Using the competitive analytics theme template, the brand created queries that captured any messages that contained the word “service” that mentioned or addressed the competitors they identified. They also created topics to gain insight into “good” and “bad” service. With these insights and anecdotes from social media users, the brand can evaluate its performance, refine its own customer care strategy, and go beyond what its competitors have to offer.

6. How can we position the benefits of our product in such a way that they respond directly to our customers’ needs?

A leading medical device manufacturer wanted to understand the discussions about efficient heart valve technology in its industry and what factors influence patients’ purchasing decisions.

Using Sprouts Social Listening, the brand found that 36% of the messages in their listening topic discussed the procedural and economic benefits of efficient heart valve technology. In particular, the economic benefits accounted for only 7.7% of the conversation, which they saw as an opportunity to create a narrative narrative and claim a critical share of the voice in this room. With this data, the manufacturer created a go-to-market strategy and messaging that leveraged the financial benefits of their product.

7. What errors do our software products contain?

Before using Sprout Social, a software company known for its smart slicers and apps manually searched Facebook and other social networks to uncover product bugs and complaints. The company viewed social media as a massive, disorganized focus group. With Sprouts Social Listening, however, the brand was able to use this focus group in a structured and prioritized manner.

I can’t stress enough the importance of social listening and community management for brands on social media.

You need to take the feedback and put it into action. Please don’t ignore your audience. It will come back to bite you in the long run. #SocialHotTakes

– Anthony Yepez (@AnthonyYepez) August 25, 2020

Social listening helps the team capture all customer feedback, regardless of whether the brand is mentioned or not. Using keywords such as bugs, glitches, and issues, the team can also quantify customer service trends and product mentions to complement research conducted by their Consumer Insights team.

8. What soft drinks do people drink in dry January?

Every year, adults around the world start the New Year by cutting alcohol from their diet. This year, a health-promoting beverage brand wanted to capitalize on the trend, raise awareness of their non-alcoholic beer option, and expand their audience through social conversations between major beer brands and their fans.

By setting up a listening theme with a theme focused on soft drinks, the brand was able to analyze messages mentioned by brands such as Guinness, Heineken, Carlsberg, and other brands that sell soft beer. They delved into key words related to health and wellness, which gave them the opportunity to promote their product as an alternative.

9. Which brands were best in class in 2020?

The Sprout Social Spotlight Awards recognize the inspiring brands and creative people behind powerful social marketing. And we’ve just announced the finalists for our biggest award to date: Brand of the Year.

At the beginning of the award season, our social team set up a query for the hashtag #SproutSpotlights. Since each award category ran in different time periods, we were able to filter the query to capture and organize nominations. We pulled data from Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and then manually determined the nominations from LinkedIn.

Based on the hearing data from the nomination period, we were able to determine which brands inspired the social media marketing community for our “Brand of the Year” award in 2020: Monster, Lodge Cast Iron, Velveeta and LCMC Health.

Stop wondering, answer questions with hearing data

Sprout’s listening solution offers powerful and intuitive tools to help you leverage the social conversations that answer your brand’s most pressing questions. Listening can also provide a critical cultural context for your brand performance and highlight strategic opportunities that will drive your business forward.

What questions does your brand need answers to? Get the answers by requesting a listening demo today.