Also, for any growth strategy you develop, you need a plan for attracting new and relevant leads. This can sometimes be the hardest part in marketing your business.

The good news is that social media can be your most valuable lead generation channel if you know how to use it properly. With 3.6 billion people using social media worldwide, this is the perfect channel for businesses to reach and attract leads. It’s all about using the right tactic at the right time.

We’re going to review some of the best ideas for generating sales leads through social media. Let’s take a look.

Social Media Lead Generation: What It Is and Why You Need It

A lead refers to any information that you can use to identify someone who is interested in your product or service. This can be anything from name and email address to professional and employer information. So when generating social media leads, new leads are collected using social media.

Generating leads on social media can benefit both B2C and B2B marketers as it allows you to identify the social media audiences that are interested in your business. This gives you the leverage you need to target them with relevant content and offers and then convert them into paying customers.

In other words, lead generation helps you establish your business as an invaluable resource for prospects. Social media amplifies your lead generation efforts by helping you increase brand awareness, increase website traffic, and improve community engagement.

How to generate leads from social media

Now let’s find out how you can use social media to generate valuable leads:

1. Start compelling lead magnet deals

The right incentive can often compel people to freely share their information with you. To do this, you need to create enticing lead magnet deals that people will want. This could be anything from a research report to a free tool. You can also offer discount codes, case studies, webinars, white papers, and more.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions, which advertises a free LinkedIn Insight Tag tool, is a great example.

Forrester Tweeting a GIF with a forecast for 2021 and encouraging people to download the Forecast 2021 report is another way to generate interest in gated content.

2. Share testimonials as social proof

Customer stories and testimonials can give you the social proof you need to get new leads. Show how customers have benefited from your products and services to demonstrate your brand equity.

According to Wyzowl, two in three people are more likely to buy after watching a testimonial video that shows how a company, product, or service helped someone like them.

IBM often gives interesting video testimonials about how people have benefited from its products and initiatives. The following tweet tells the story of how the P-TECH initiative prepares a student for a career in STEM.

For a lower stroke solution, you can collect customer reviews and turn them into an animated video that you can share as social evidence.

3. Create targeted ads with special offers

A paid social media advertising strategy is very effective for generating leads on social media. This strategy allows you to use the highly specific targeting options of paid social ads to show your target audiences offers that are tailored to pique their interest. Try promoting content on specific topics, special discounts, and limited time offers for your products and services through these ads.

For example, The Economist used Instagram ads to target relevant audiences. When someone clicks on their social media ad, they’ll get a 50% discount for the first 12 weeks. This is a tempting deal that increases the likelihood that the target audience will subscribe to the publication.

The landing page for economists offers a 50% discount on the first 12 weeks

Skillshare uses the same tactic, using social media ads to highlight specific courses and promote a 14-day free trial of the service.

Skillshare's Facebook ad offers a 14-day free trial

4. Make the most of lead generation ads

Take it one step further with lead gen ads. These are ads that come with pre-filled forms so that signing up can be easily completed without spending too much time entering your personal information. This saves time, speeds up the lead generation process and can significantly increase your conversion rate.

In fact, Lead Gen Forms on LinkedIn have an average conversion rate of 13%, while landing pages average around 2.35% conversions. Types of lead generation ads are also available for Facebook and Instagram.

Here is an example of a LinkedIn Lead Gen form. The form fields are pre-filled with details that the prospect has already added to their LinkedIn profile. Hence, the process is smooth, both for your reader to easily access the content and for you to collect the lead information.

Example of a LinkedIn lead gen ad with pre-filled information about name, job and company

5. Set up sequential retargeting ads

Retargeting can further enhance your social advertising and lead generation strategy by helping you recapture lost prospects. For example, let’s say someone clicked your first ad and scrolled the landing page, but never submitted a form. You can refocus them with ads that encourage them to complete the sign up process.

You can also redirect people who landed on your website using search or other recommendation sites. You can also retarget people who regularly read your blog posts but haven’t subscribed to your newsletter.

This could significantly boost your lead generation efforts as retarget ads have a 10x better click-through rate than regular display ads.

Try setting your retargeting ads in order for even better results. For example, an advertisement in the awareness phase could address common weaknesses and objections. And a reflection phase ad could use testimonials and provide social evidence to gain people’s trust. Keep the customer journey moving by delivering the most relevant messages based on your target audience’s past behavior.

6. Make use of social media sponsorship

Instead of using paid ads, you can also get leads from the social media content that your target audience is already consuming. Consider sponsoring shows, content, and YouTube channels that are popular with your target audience.

This is a great way to get a reputable content creator to talk about your brand, product, or service for even a few minutes. This can be a lot more engaging than forcing ads in front of an audience who may not even be bothered with it.

You can also sponsor YouTube, e.g. B. How Pixel Empire sponsored the following video from Jacksfilms.

Content creators and influencers provide some kind of social proof and can often incorporate your sponsorship message seamlessly into their content to reach audiences who might otherwise be actively clicking away from an ad.

7. Host a virtual event or social media conference

Virtual conferences and events are a great way to attract a highly relevant audience while establishing your expertise and authority in the field. That means they’re also great for generating leads on social media, especially since users need to provide their information in order to log in or attend the conference.

Host a virtual conference on topics that fascinate your target audience and relate to your brand’s area of ​​expertise. You can use the event to discuss current industry issues, provide actionable tips, and invite influential speakers. In addition, you can generate numerous content opportunities by posting on social media during the event or turning content into guide magnets later.

For example, the Search Engine Journal regularly hosts the SEJ eSummit, a virtual conference attended by the leading experts in digital marketing to provide an educational experience.

8. Start a referral campaign

Referral campaigns can be very effective in doubling your sales contacts. These campaigns provide an incentive for your leads to recommend their friends and / or colleagues. This means that the recommended people will learn more about your product or service and potentially become additional leads.

To make this work, you can offer an attractive incentive such as a gift card, free gift, or discount in exchange for the transfer.

For example, MasterClass created a referral campaign that allows people to receive a free annual membership when they receive one as a gift. This campaign was then promoted through social media in the form of organic posts and paid ads.

Last chance! Stream classes from 75+ of the world’s best. Buy the 2-for-1 MasterClass All Access Pass now. The vacation offer ends tonight.

Posted by MasterClass on Thursday December 26th, 2019

9. Make the most of social listening

Look for lead generation opportunities with effective social listening. Monitor social media conversations and see what people are saying on a specific topic or competitive brand. This will help you identify all the opportunities to generate high quality leads for your business.

For example, someone complaining about a competitor’s product might appreciate an alternative. And someone who asks for recommendations will definitely be happy to hear your suggestion. Additionally, if you step in to address their concerns, people who ask about your brand and products will love your proactive approach.

See how the Sprout Social team stepped in when someone asked for suggestions for a social media management platform on Twitter.

Sprout’s social listening tools can help ensure you don’t miss out on these social media lead generation opportunities. That way, you can pay attention to specific keywords and keep track of brand-relevant conversations so you can take action at the right time, even if your brand isn’t mentioned by name.

Crushing your lead gene goals

With these highly effective social media lead generation ideas, you should be able to significantly increase your social ROI. This will drive overall business growth over the long term. Don’t forget to measure the impact of your lead gen efforts and look for opportunities for improvement. Read our guide to social media reporting to learn more about how to track your performance.