The beauty brand Elf Cosmetics continues to set standards for the possibilities of brands on TikTok with the first “reality show” on the video creation platform called Eyes. Lips. Famous.

“If you’re running the most famous TikTok campaign in history, the next question is, how do you outdo yourself?” quipped Evan Horowitz, co-founder and CEO of Movers + Shakers, the creative studio behind the beauty brand’s biggest projects with TikTok.

“We wanted to develop something that was based on insight and interference and would resonate with the TikTok community,” said Elf vice president of the Gayitri Budhraja brand. “How do we take this empowerment idea and introduce it to TikTok to work on the platform?”

TikTok users were asked to apply to appear on the show by following their account @elfyeah and making public videos and uploading why they should be selected as # eylipsfamous – including the hashtag and account tag.

Three of TikTok’s best-known influencers – Avani Gregg, Madi Monroe, and Seth O’Brien – helped judge entries and selected three winners who are currently seeking a brand sponsorship, a $ 5,000 deal to represent elves at TikTok and a year’s worth of products struggle from the company.

Gregg, Monroe and O’Brien revealed the three winners via TikTok’s Duets feature.

Elven cosmetics

Available for viewing through @elfyeah, Eyes. Lips. Famous. records the three winners taking part in a virtual beauty camp where they get advice, feedback and tips from the three influencers and other experts, and participate in weekly challenges from each influencer.

Other brands were added to the mix, such as the challenge for the three competitors to “show off their Dunkin ‘inspired looks,” which began on September 29, National Dunkin’ Day.

“Targeting other brands that do well on the platform will bring more eyes,” said Budhraja.

The final challenge is October 16th. The participation of the TikTok community is possible until October 23rd.

“This is the new television for so many people. It’s almost like playing the lottery every time you make a video. It creates a culture of, “I want to get things out of there; It could be a hit, ”said Geoffrey Goldberg, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Movers + Shakers.

Horowitz added, “So many people want TikTok to be famous.”

Elf and Movers + Shakers are no strangers to innovation at TikTok, as we are about a year away from the TikTok challenge Eyes.Lips.Face, which the Elf actually stands for.

“Elf loves doing things new and different when it’s really a natural part of the conversation that’s already happening with its consumers,” Goldberg said.

Not only did Eyes.Lips.Face spark a move by other brands to focus on creating unique content and approaches for TikTok, it also led the original music of the full-length title track from the initiative to number 4 on Spotify streaming rose charts and Republic Records deals for the artists behind the track, Ill Wayno and Holla FyeSixWun.

“Our entry into TikTok last year was definitely no accident,” said Budhraja. “We followed the data and saw where Generation Z was playing. All of the campaigns we have started are based on insights and what we stand for as a brand. “

Kory Marchisotto, Elf’s Chief Marketing Officer, said in an interview with Adweek that led to her participation in the Brandweek Masters Live event last month: “The start of a campaign with over 6 billion views is indeed exciting. Which technologies are imminent? And how are we going to use them to trigger more lightning in a bottle? “