The classic TV game show Supermarket Sweep returns to the radio waves on October 18 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC. The network has teamed up with Twitter to give fans the opportunity to browse the aisles virtually.

In the Supermoji Sweep interactive game, available only on Twitter, users can reply to this tweet from the @SupersweepABC account with a combination of the food emojis included in the tweet.

Each emoji is assigned a specific price. So when players tweet a combination of emojis that equates to at least $ 20 in groceries, they’ll receive a receipt from @SuperSweepABC and a festive video message from Leslie Jones, host of Supermarket Sweep.

ABC / Twitter ABC / Twitter

Twitter said it developed a custom response engine to do the chores of eavesdropping on emoji combinations, associating them with actual grocery store prices, finding winning combinations and delivering receipt-style tweets.

Twitter Next Head of Media and Entertainment Strategy Bridget Harvey said in an email, “Twitter and TV have always been the perfect match. It’s exciting to be working with ABC on such an innovative activation that meets fans wherever they are on Twitter and complements their viewing experience with this interactive experience. It’s a fun, modern way to bring that classic show back to the foreground of the conversation. “