Amazon Prime was launched as an Amazon membership service in 2005 and offers free two-day shipping.

It now has more than 150 million members in 19 countries.

Amazon Prime membership has evolved beyond free shipping. And now includes streaming, shopping, and other benefits.

Check out this round-up for the latest information on the growth and usage of Amazon Prime. After reading these statistics, you will better understand how Amazon manages to generate over $ 25 billion from subscription fees alone.

Here’s a breakdown of what we’re going to cover:

Important Amazon Prime stats

  • Amazon has passed 150 million Prime members.
  • Sales achieved during Prime Day on Amazon $ 10.4 billion in 2020.
  • Amazon Prime is available in 19 countries from 2020.
  • Amazon registered $ 25.21 billion in annual retail subscription fee revenue.

US Amazon Prime subscribers

AAmazon has 148.6 million Amazon Prime members in the US. An increase from 49.05% from 99.7 million in 2017.

Based on eMarketer forecasts, the number of Amazon Prime users is expected to be reached in the United States 153.1 million by 2022an annual growth of 3%.

Here is the table showing Amazon Prime’s user growth in the US:

year Number of users
2013 25 million
2014 40 million
2015 54 million
2016 65 million
2017 99.7 million
2018 112.1 million
2019 124 million
2020 142.5 million
2021 148.6 million
2022 153.1 million

Swell: eMarketer, Statista.

Amazon Prime Day sales

Launched in 2015, Prime Day is an annual deal event exclusively available to Prime members.

Sales achieved on Amazon during Prime Day $ 10.40 billion in 2020. An increase of 42.25% from $ 7.16 billion one year ago.

And the sales during Prime Day 2020 were 4.3x higher than the same event in 2017.

Here is the table of Amazon Prime Day sales growth since 2015:

year Gross sales at Amazon on Prime Day
2015 $ 0.9 billion
2016 $ 1.52 billion
2017 $ 2.41 billion
2018 $ 4.19 billion
2019 $ 7.16 billion
2020 $ 10.40 billion

Source: Digital commerce 360.

eMarketer also covers data on sales performance on Amazon Prime Day and provides slightly different estimates.

Based on the results from eMarketer, sales were made on Amazon on Prime Day $ 9.91 billion in 2020.

eMarketer also estimates that Prime Day sales grew by 139.95% compared to the 2018 event.

Here is the table with the sales growth on Amazon Prime Day since 2016:

year Gross sales at Amazon on Prime Day (worldwide)
2016 $ 1.5 billion
2017 $ 2.47 billion
2018 $ 4.13 billion
2019 $ 6.93 billion
2020 $ 9.91 billion

62.26% ($ 6.17 billion) of total Prime Day revenue was equivalent to US market revenue, while the remainder 37.74% ($ 3.74) were from international markets in 2020.

Here is a table showing Amazon Prime Day sales growth in the US, including its stock, since 2016:

year Gross sales on Amazon during Prime Day in the US
2016 $ 0.99 billion
2017 $ 1.59 billion
2018 $ 2.62 billion
2019 $ 4.32 billion
2020 $ 6.17 billion

Here is a table showing Amazon Prime Day’s non-US revenue growth, including its stock, since 2016:

year Gross sales on Amazon during Prime Day in non-US
2016 $ 0.5 billion
2017 $ 0.88 billion
2018 $ 1.51 billion
2019 $ 2.61 billion
2020 $ 3.74 billion

Source: eMarketer.

The most popular purchases on Amazon during Prime Day

During Amazon Prime Day 2020 (October 13-14), the Echo dot Loudspeaker was the world’s most popular purchase.

Here is the list of Prime Day top sellers in selected countries:

country Item category
Australia Smart lightbulbs
France Diapers
Germany and Austria Coffee beans
Singapore red wine
United Arab Emirates Mouthwash
United States Card games

Source: Amazon.

Amazon Prime earnings

Amazon Prime earnings cannot be completely isolated from total Amazon earnings. However, Amazon does disclose the net revenue of all subscription services, including membership fees for Amazon Prime, digital videos, audiobooks, digital music, e-books, and other subscription services (excluding AWS).

Here is a breakdown of the revenue from Amazon’t Subscription Services:

year Annual net revenue from subscription services
2014 $ 2.76 billion
2015 $ 4.47 billion
2016 $ 6.39 billion
2017 $ 9.72 billion
2018 $ 14.17 billion
2019 $ 19.21 billion
2020 $ 25.21 billion

Swell: Amazon, Statista.

In how many countries is Amazon Prime available?

Amazon Prime is available in 19 countries from 2020.

Here is the table with the international expansion milestones of Amazon Prime since 2007:

country Year of the launch of Amazon Prime
Germany, Japan, United Kingdom 2007
France 2008
Italy 2011
Canada 2013
India 2016
Mexico 2017
Turkey 2020

Swell: Amazon, Wikipedia.


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