There are many Messages Platforms that exist in the market today. These Slide platforms help brands achieve their engagement and retention goals.

Before we analyze whether it’s worth paying for paid push notifications, it’s important to understand how customer loyalty and increasing tool adoption are correlated.

Customer loyalty and increased acceptance of tools

According to a CEI survey, it was 86% the buyers are willing to pay more for better customer loyalty. Against this background 73% of marketers have now turned their attention to the aspect of engagement and loyalty to growing their business using analytical resources.

All of these considerations lead to an increased use of intervention and storage tools. For example, marketers use in-app communications, push notifications, email marketing tools, feedback and survey tools, and more on a daily basis.

According to a reportOn average, an organization needs 91 Martech tools achieve its marketing goals.


Paid vs Free Push Notifications

As more and more tools are used, businesses are turning to tools that deliver value and convert. If we’re just talking about push notifications The total reintegration cost averages up to $ 1200 per month for a business plan.

If marketers are paying that huge amount for just push notifications today, it can turn out to be an expensive engagement strategy. As with any tool used, its cost must be offset by the value and conversions it controls.

The majority of push providers today offer the paid plans for sending push notifications based on the number of participants. However, there are free options available that we will cover later in this article.

I’m not trying to say that using paid push notifications is a bad idea, but to understand that free push notifications can deliver the same value as paid ones, companies should go for free push notifications and their marketing costs save up . Below are two key drawbacks that can be considered before choosing a paid push notification platform for your websites.

Subscriber growth versus higher spending.

Most push notification platforms offer a plan based on the number of subscribers. If your subscribers are growing fast, it will cost you more to get them involved again. For example, some push services plan to start at a minimum of $ 85 per month for up to 30,000 subscribers, or some offer a free version up to 2,500 subscribers and charges if your subscriber keeps increasing.

What if your website has subscribers in excess of 100,000 or even millions?
Using free push services like Truepush is the best option to re-engage users and increase your marketing ROI. Truepush offers free notifications with no restrictions for subscribers or notifications. In fact, Truepush is the only completely free push service in the top 10 best push notification software forgive by G2 2021.

Growth of the subscriber base via paid push platforms

Another downside to using paid push notifications that can occur when your subscriber growth is very slow. When you use a paid notification service and your website sends a push that doesn’t convert. Then the whole idea of ​​investing in paid push tools is void.

Push notifications are especially good at converting if they are implemented strategically with the recommended course of action.

Conclusion: are paid push notifications worthwhile?

When understanding paid or free push notifications is important. Then a brand has to focus on how much a push platform charges based on the increasing subscriber base for a longer term. Migrating from one push service to another can result in the loss of subscribers. One has to investigate which functions the push platforms offer. When it comes to using a free service, marketers have the freedom to experiment with this reintegration channel and drive conversions by implementing the right strategies. The same conversion rates can be achieved with the free push platforms. The value of using push tools, whether paid or free, rests in the hands of the person using them and how effectively the strategies are implemented in sending push notifications.

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