We talk a lot about marketing challenges, and these challenges are often related to marketers of certain maturity levels, industries, strategies, etc. But what is a universal challenge for all marketers? Audience segmentation. With our predictive audience capability, which will be available shortly, Marketo Engage is transforming this basic piece of marketing in the most powerful way possible – through artificial intelligence. Predictive Audiences will be included in our Prime and Ultimate packages and available as an add-on to our Select package.

Target group segmentation: the big balancing act

Every marketer faces a similar dilemma with every program: reaching the most engaged and relevant audiences and maximizing conversion without fatiguing recipients and opting out. Hitting your conversion goals is important, but forever losing an audience member’s ear is hugely powerful and can take months or even years to fix.

But how can you reduce broadcast lists and at the same time achieve or even exceed your goals?

With Predictive Audiences, you can securely and intelligently target and engage the right people for your event and email campaigns to meet and exceed your goals without tiring your audience.

AI in B2B marketing today

Artificial intelligence: still one of the most important buzzwords on the market. You hear about it all the time, but how has it affected your daily marketing workflows? Do you feel like you have the opportunity to use AI effectively and powerfully? Do you even have access to an AI today?

In fact, 66% of marketers want their AI applications to help them identify the right accounts and people for the target audience, while only 18% of B2B marketers say AI-driven personalization based on the level of artificial intelligence in B2B Having implemented marketing. Demand metric, 2019.

These contrasting statistics are largely due to some of the barriers to getting started with existing AI solutions, such as: B. Difficult onboarding and implementation as well as high costs and the perception of steep learning curves. Without AI, marketers can still find innovative ways to find the balance we were talking about. However, these paths are often resource-intensive, require constant adjustments, and generate little confidence that these efforts will pay off.

AI should be made available to everyone and be easy to use and use. This belief has led us to develop predictive audiences that make AI available to everyone and are part of daily work processes! It also takes the manual effort and the guesswork out of the equation and brings a new level of efficiency to audience segmentation and targeting.

Let’s take a look at how you can use predictive audiences, and how it is changing the everyday marketing foundation for all marketers and sales strategies.

1. Maximize registration and participation in events

Creating an invitation list for live events and webinars is often more art than science. For the avid event marketers out there, you know the classic workflow:

  • Try to match an audience to the event theme based on marketing skills or just use an invite list
  • Click Submit
  • Go pretty blind into the event as to how many registrants will actually be attending
  • Cross your fingers and host the event

With Predictive Audiences, we add artificial intelligence to your existing workflow to give you the confidence and efficiency to reach the right audience for your events:

  • Use AI-powered by Adobe Sensei to build a very targeted audience using Likelihood to Register and Likelihood to Attend Predictive Filters
  • Send your invitations with confidence
  • Receive notifications when a target is likely to be missed
  • Receive intelligent recommendations on how and what needs to be adjusted
  • Achieve and exceed event goals

Better yet, it’s all embedded in your existing workflows. Easily drag these prediction filters into your Smart Lists and Smart Campaigns along with the numerous other audience segmentation triggers and filters that Marketo Engage has to offer. And voila! You’ve increased conversions dramatically while reducing your entire send list.

2. Minimizing Opt-Outs

The first benefit we mentioned was being able to meet and exceed your event goals and only invite those who are most likely to register and / or attend. But that’s only part of the equation.

What if you could identify and suppress those users who are likely to log out? I can’t stress this enough – with a few simple clicks, you can leverage artificial intelligence powered by Adobe Sensei in existing workflows to maintain the health of your database and significantly reduce logout rates.

Don’t let the ease of use of this feature undermine how groundbreaking it is. This feature gives you the confidence to continue to retain customers and manage opt-outs in a way that has never been seen before. Additionally, you can use the Probability to Unsubscribe prediction filter to build and update a list of marketing contacts to avoid interacting with those users in your instance. If you don’t include those who are tired, you can dramatically increase the lifetime value of any audience by keeping them busy at the right level and frequency.

3. Replicating success from one program to the next

Often times, the events you host are part of a series. You may plan to create a new, ongoing series of webinars designed to attract new users to your product. Instead of just rolling it out and hoping for the best, choose to test it out with a small group of users. And the pilot was a great success!

Instead of spending hours looking for similarities between participants to figure out why it was successful, then replicating them for the rest of the series, Predictive Audiences will find a similar audience based on a smart list or campaign. Here, too, you can easily add an additional filter within your existing target group segmentation and targeting workflow in Marketo Engage in order to find target group members similar to those in a defined Smart List or Smart Campaign. With this feature, you can significantly reduce the time-to-value for your program creation and give your marketing workflows new levels of efficiency.

4. Optimize the flight with intelligent recommendations

We’re making set-it-and-forget-it event programs a thing of the past. Even if you closely monitor registration for your event program, you never really know for sure where you will end up in terms of registration, and you certainly have little to no insight into expected attendance.

With Predictive Audiences, you can: 1) track progress toward your goals in real time, 2) predict outcomes, and 3) make intelligent recommendations based on similar historical programs and your unique goals. You can even track the likelihood of individual members registering and attending your event. No longer are the days when your events program falls short of your goals and you have no idea what to do to improve it. Optimize flight efficiently and with confidence to accelerate buyers through the funnel and accelerate the pipeline.

Artificial intelligence for everyone

With Predictive Audiences, you can leverage the power of artificial intelligence in an accessible, basic, and easy-to-use way to get results without the need for onboarding or implementation. In conjunction with predictive content and account profiling, Marketo Engage offers AI-powered tools for content, ABM, and now extends to basic, everyday marketing workflows through targeting segmentation with predictive audiences.

Stay tuned as we prepare to launch this exciting feature soon.