Marshall Tidrick (left) chairs with studio co-founders Nick (center) and Cydney (right) … [+] her Austin Studio.

Courtesy of Marshall Tidrick, recorded by Marshall Tidrick

2020 has been a year of seclusion as COVID-19 is forcing many to keep their circles really, really close, like staying at home, ordering groceries online, and virtual happy hour-only closings.

Megan & Kadiatu on their porch with their new kitten, Zuki.

Marshall Tidrock’s Instagram caption: “Megan & Kadiatu on their porch with their new kitties, Zuki. … [+] Despite Zuki’s calm appearance, I’m shocked that we got a photo with him that looks so cold because he was NOT satisfied. “

Marshall Tidrick

Austin photographer Marshall Tidrick was quick to sense the isolation in the pandemic but knew he had to be responsible.

So at the beginning of April he started his series “Veranda”, in which he took more than 110 socially distant photos of roommates, friends, friends of friends and strangers.

“The idea grew out of several converging ideas: wanting to see the people I love, taking portraits of those people, and fulfilling myself by working on a meaningful project,” Tidrick told me via email. “That said, I had no idea what it would be. I thought I might make 15-20 of these, but that was back when we thought the whole thing could only take a few months! Now I’m on number 113 I believe with no intention of stopping. “

Allies, Lesly, Lily, Wesley, Bradley, Tatiana, Caitlin and Mary Elizabeth on the porch of the tiny house in one of their backyards.

Marshall Tidrick’s Instagram caption: “Ally, Lesly, Lily, Wesley, Bradley, Tatiana, Caitlin, and … [+] Mary Elizabeth on the porch of the tiny house in one of her backyards. Tatiana texted me and asked if I would make a veranda rait out of her ‘commune’.

Marshall Tidrick

The first caption in the series was a simple one announcing the schedule for the series, but since then it has turned into short stories about the people he is capturing. Stories of how they manage during the pandemic, how they fill their time, and how he comes to take their picture gave them an excuse to step out of their sweatpants.

“It was an incredible learning experience for me. I’ve learned so much about how different people went through this very difficult year, ”he told me. “I’ve learned a lot of things about people that I might only see once a month in passing at social events or coffee shops, and I really appreciated the opportunity to get to know these wonderful people in a deeper way that this project offers me given.

Titilayo & Edwin on their porch.

Marshall Tidrick’s Instagram caption: “Titilayo & Edwin on their porch. Their takeaway has arrived … [+] in the middle of the shoot and it just felt right to include it. Edwin played his viola in a kiddy pool and serenaded a 4 year old kid who came by with his father. “

Marshall Tidrick

“The real surprise to me was how much people enjoyed it. I honestly had no idea that people would relate to it and enjoy learning a little about our Austin community through the meandering stories in the captions I write. It makes me so happy and it really drives me to keep going, ”said Tidrick.

A month after the series began, Tidrick was shaken by the murder of George Floyd and decided to direct the series, adding an aspect to donate part of the series’ funds to organizations that fight for racial equality and justice. So far, he has raised around 1,900 US dollars for “various organizations that are guided by these values”.

“After George Floyd was murdered on May 25th, I took a break from the series and switched to participating in and documenting the Austin protests,” he told me. “I have also thought a lot about my role at this moment in history (and continue to think about it) and how best to fight for racial equality and justice. In the short term, I thought I could use the proceeds from the project as a donation to various organizations that are guided by these values. “