Monster Slime Cafe

This past week I have had a birthday. Happy birthday to me!!! Yes *pat on the back* I am making this about me. In case you are wondering, I am now pushing 30.

So last year my friend and I came across this cafe, but were unable to attend due to plans we already had. As a special birthday treat, she took me here to come and make slime.

I know what you are thinking, slime, isn’t that for kids? Well, technically it is, but when we went it was mostly adults and couples.

When you come in, you order and drink (if you want) and pick the kind of slime you want to make. If you look at the pink board there are eight different kinds of slime to choose from. Slime or slimes? Is it a countable noun? I know I am an English teacher, but some times I can’t brain.

Anyways, my friend and I chose different slime but the making process is the same. One could also paint a character as seen in the picture below.

As you can see from the two pictures above, after picking your slime you can choose “toppings” in different amounts to make your slime more fun. I didn’t, but my friend chose glitter. We left the cafe sparkly. Glitter is truly the STI of the art world. Don’t let other people tell you differently.

Once we sat down they brought out the supplies. The big container is the base of the slime. The small hearts to the side are the “special” ingredients for our slime. We also had spatulas to mix before taking it into our hands. At this point, they put some weird liquid like thing on our hands so I couldn’t take photos passed this set. Which makes me so angry because I saw a dog (through the window) on the roof of the building across the street and no one believes me!

So the basic process was this:

  1. Put clear liquid in the big container and mix with the spatula. First it becomes doughy, then pasty, then finally slimy.
  2. Take it out of the jar and mix in the “special ingredient” while playing with it in your hands. Make sure you thoroughly mix it together and make sure it doesn’t touch your clothes cause it will stick and stain.
  3. Add a fragrance. Mine smells like peaches. MMMMMMMMMMMM
  4. Play and have fun.


My slime (as seen above) is the magnet slime. It is magnetic and can slowly craw with the pull of a magnet. Plus it is dark, like my heart and soul.


My friend’s monstrosity as I call it, cause you know glitter. Her’s is the heat sensatitive slime. Its base is an orange-red color. The hotter it gets, it changes colors. It goes from red to orange to yellow. It is quite amazing.


This is the container to take it home. Isn’t it cute?

I wish I had more to say, but if you get a chance to go to Hongdae (in Seoul) stop by the Monster Slime cafe. It is a great way to have fun with your friends.


P.S. we passed by a vintage clothes shop on the way there, and saw this Spiderman. His butt is up and his batch is arched. Spiderman is a bottom.

New Year – New Change: One Piece Cafe

Happy New Years!

I hope this year finds you well.

Today marked the re-opening of the One Piece Cafe in Hongdae. To my surprise, it was under construction for the last half of November and the entirety of December. I try to go once a month because they constantly have new character inspired drinks. It was a dream for me to try everything on the menu at least once, but that dream now kicked the bucket. I have written on the One Piece Cafe here.

To my surprise, the cafe part of the cafe is gone. They kept the ship part, but overall it is now a gift/specialty shop. It is now called PLAY ONE PIECE in HONGDAE. I asked why the cafe part was taken off, and the lady whispered to me “the cafe wasn’t profitable.” I was shocked how up front and honest she was with me. Koreans are never direct about that kind of stuff.

This news makes me sad, because specialty shops don’t last long in Korea, especially Seoul. I must admit I was surprised that this place has lasted longer than two years. Anyways, I decided to take a tour of the “new” place.

When you enter, you reach a reception area, where they have some “themed” gifts. They were running a blind box promotion. You best believe I bought one (not a wise choice though). I opened it and got a Zoro figure (YAY!) but one I actually have (BOO!)

On the way to the “gift shop” area, there is a wall with One Piece characters, a photo booth, and a booth to play a demo of One Piece: World Seeker.

The gift shop surprisingly has less stuff for sale, but still a variety to offer.

The upstairs, which used to be the dining area, now displays figures, has a claw machine, and has a little more merchandise for sale.

The rest of the place still seems to be under construction. I’ll check again later this month to see the finished product.

Thank you for reading!


End of Decade: Surviving Gacha Games

So it is no secret I love Gacha games. I don’t spend much money on them, aside from the occasional 99 cents bundles/sales some games have. If I had the money, and time, I would totally whale a game or two to get those sweet, sweet rare items, characters, etc.

Since the advent of smart phones, and phone apps, a lot of game have come and gone. I remember playing a lot, but none really stuck around. Does anyone remember The Simpsons: Tapped Out? I played that for quite a while. I got pretty far, and then dropped it. I can’t remember when I dropped it, but maybe after a year or two. Who knows?

What are these terms I am talking about? Well, here is the run down:

Gacha: Gacha games are video games that adapt and virtualize the gacha mechanic. In the monetization of video games it is similar to loot box, in inducing players to spend money. Most of these games are free-to-play mobile games. (So basically, it is like a virtual lucky box or capsule machine.)

Whaling (whale): a.k.a. players who spend a great deal on in-app purchases—bring in the majority of revenue for the free-to-play (F2P) mobile game market, despite there being fewer of them to support a game. … A better definition for 2018 is someone who spends more than $100 per month on a game.

Since the 10s decade is ending, I decided to do a post on which games I have currently on my phone, in order from the oldest to the newest. Not in terms of release dates mind you, but in terms of how long I’ve been playing them. Let’s get started!


Puzzle & Dragon: It originally came out in 2012, but I didn’t start playing until 2014. I actually only started playing so I can play with an ex of mine, but even after that relationship ended I still continue to play to this day.

All you really do is match three orbs of the same color. Not that hard. The monsters and characters you can use all have their own strength and weaknesses, not including their abilities as well. One thing I love about this game is that they have special monster collaborations with different games, shows, anime, etc. Most recently, they had a Power Rangers colab. 🙂

Pokémon Go: Probably one of the games I have been playing consistantly, yet I am not at level 40, what the hell. I played from when the game first came out, I still have my Abra, the first Pokemon I caught (and I caught it at the mental hospital I work at.) I did take a break my first time in Korea, since my mobile data was limited. It is still fun, and it has been great watching is game grow and develop. There is still quite the fan base in bigger cities.


One Piece Treasure Cruise: This game came out sometime in 2014, but I didn’t start playing until 2015 or 2016. I don’t quite remember. I am surprised it took me so long to play it considering I am a big, die hard One Piece fan (if it isn’t obvious). I don’t play a lot, mainly for events. However, I do log in everyday for the login bonus. I do love the high quality art of the game. That is reason enough to check it out.

King’s Raid: I started playing in late 2016, and I am not sure why. The art style is amazing, and if you set up your team right, you can auto play. It is mindless and relaxing. I have a lot of husbandos for this game, trying to avoid all the waifus they shove down your throat. I do like the events and character skins they often have. They are constantly adding characters and features too. Plus, and this is a huge plus, you can earn premium currency quite easily, so you don’t really have to spend money if you don’t have to.


BTS World: Everything about this game I wrote is here. Nothing has changed. It still gets the occasional updates. The events are kind of bland, but the card collecting and photos are still nifty.

Dragalia Lost: This game recently came out late last year, and it is published by Nintendo. It is fun and addicting. The characters are great, and the events are fun and unique, at least story wise. They cycle through the same three type of events, but it hasn’t gotten stale yet. Unlike other gacha games, they occasionally bring back past events so late/new comers can have a change to reap those rewards.

Pokémon Masters: What can I say that has been said by others already. The game is simple, and fun. It a little unfair at times. The main story is short. Once you finish, there not much to do. The events are short, and the event currency requires too much for even the most basic of things. The premium currency is quite expensive, and it cost a lot of gems to pull, and the gacha rates are quite bad. This is really, really pushing the pay to win. Like me, you can find fun stuff about this game too.

KOF Mobile (The King of Fighters): This game just recently came out and I only got into it because of Twitch Prime. I am still making up my mind about how I feel. It has a steep learning curve.

That all there is right now. Do you like or play any of these games?


Big T Movie Review: Frozen 2

This is a week late. So there are a lot of reviews out there. Better reviews. However, here is mine. It is not that good compared to actual reviewers, but I digress.

Last weekend, the release weekend, my friend and I went to go see Frozen 2. I was super excited because one of my favorite bands, Panic! at the Disco, did a song for the movie. Or at least a cover of a song. Did I really go see a movie just because of an artist? Yes, I did.


“Into the Unknown”, is the song done by the band and can be watched on YouTube. This is the song that is sung by Elsa, and was really pushed and marketed by Disney. However, in my personal opinion, Panic!’s version of the song was much better and much more engaging than the one that was actually in the movie. No offense to Elsa and her voice actress, but they didn’t bring it as well as she was capable of. This song is also in the ending credits, so that not a spoiler.

The spoilers are coming now. You have been warned.


Aside from Wreck It Ralph 2, Disney hasn’t been really doing sequels as of late, which has been a good thing. Most direct to video sequels have been bad, and that is a generous opinion. Just like Wreck It Ralph 2, all the characters in Frozen had complete character arcs, and we got our happily ever after, and the story lines were completed.

So for the sequel, they had to create an ACTUAL threat again, come up with challenges for the characters, and all that other none sense. You know what I mean. I give them props for coming up with a compelling, original story. However, the plot was fast, and instead of developing past characters, they introduced new characters that we are supposed to care about, but we learn nothing about them so it is kind of hard. In fact, I can’t even remember their names. All I can recall is the black solider guy who is supposedly on one of the portraits in the castle, and some old tribal woman. Oh and that creepy reindeer guy Kristoff had a bromance with.

We get a flashback to the girls’ younger days (which in the timeline, takes place right before Elsa frost bolts Anna in the head), and their father tells them the story of when he entered the Enchanted Forest, found a mysterious battle going on with his father’s army and the Northuldra people (tribal), the battle makes the Spirits angry, and he wound up back in Arendelle, with his father and others lost behind a barrier nobody can bypass. This, obviously, is explained later. Back in the present, Elsa starts hearing this mystical call, and when she pulls a Let It Go by belting out a showy song about how part of her “LONGS to go… into the UNKNOWWWWWWWWN!”, sure enough, bad things start to happen- this awakens Ancient Spirits, and immediately Arendelle is threatened. The Trolls from the first movie arrive, and Grandpabbie does his usual “Speaks In Metaphor” stuff with a scary light-show, and we never see them again. And so the Main Cast is off to the Enchanted Forest.

Elsa naturally breaks through the barrier, and we’re thrown into the issues with the past already- the Arendelle Army has a few soldiers left, they’ve been trapped there all this time, along with the Northuldra clan, and they still aren’t friendly- each blames the other for the battle in the past. Then the Spirits attack, and Elsa has to use her magic to fight them… and then it just spirals from there.

When they talked about the four elemental spirits (I stan the fire spirit) it seemed almost like Avatar-like. It seems like she should unite the four elements. Instead, we learn of a fifth elemental spirit that is the bridge between worlds (spoiler alert, it is Elsa.) Elsa, then travels to a dangerous place, abandoning Anna, to find out the truth of the fighting. However, she goes too deep into the unknown, after singing the song that tells her not to do that, and discovers the truth but “dies” in the process. I say die, but uses quotes because she becomes a frozen statue.

Meanwhile, Anna is in a cave trying to find and reach Elsa. In my interpretation, Anna seems a little too overprotective and overbearing trying to always be with Elsa and stay by her side, but when Elsa final spell reaches Anna revealing the truth and what she must do, Anna breaks down crying. Like I get it, and I understand why, but time was a bit of a factor and I even shouted “are you going to sit there and cry, or are you going to do something about it.” Almost got kicked out. Oh! Olaf died too. I was happy about this because I don’t like him, but to my disappointment he come back.

There is a lot more to this movie, but I don’t want to spoil all of it, and after two weeks and seeing it only once, a lot of the details escape me.

The songs are interesting and quite good- I don’t think anything will prove as ear worm-y as Love Is An Open Door, or especially Let It Go, but there’s at least a few real bangers, and a truly HILARIOUS song featuring Kristoff and a backup band (seriously I loved this one). The movie takes some risks, but ultimately walks back a bit from them. So there are times that this movies seems like a string of music videos only connected by a few lines here and there.

It’s a great sequel, and I think most people who saw the first will love it. I thought it was just okay, but even then I still enjoyed my time watching it. And most importantly, it also makes Disney money. Isn’t that the true meaning of a sequel?


Pop Up: Nostalgia – Victon 5th Mini Album

This past Saturday (11/16) I was out participating in Pokemon Go’s Chimchar community day. After community day was finished, I headed to Yongsan Station to go watch Zombieland 2: Double Tap. Just as a side bar, it was a pretty  good movie and pretty fun. It wasn’t just a cash grab like I thought it would have been.

Anyways, as I was walking to the theater I stumbled upon a pop-up shop. A shop that ended yesterday to be exact. The pop-up shop was for the group Nostalgia. Or Victon. I am not sure which is the groups name to be honest. I could Google it, but when have I ever been a good source of information? Don’t answer that…

I guess this is the group or album.

Sign that is advertising the merchandise, but doesn’t show what is sold out like that hoodie! 😦

The group members. No idea who they are, plus the color is worse with my color blindness.

The wall outside the pop up

A wall describing the purpose or reason of the album.

I’m sure there a reason for this. Not comfortable to sit on though.




Pictures that were above the poster and other merchandise to buy.

Outside the pop-up. It is so small.

Life-size, autographed cut outs. The mall didn’t allow for good lighting. I am also taller than all these guys.

Well it was a fun pop-up shop to check out. I am not as active in the K-pop scene since I don’t want be seen as one of those people who only came to Korea for k-pop. I am not, but there is still that stigma here.

I think I will check them out. I was tempted to buy their album there, but it was sold-out. Maybe I will actually look them up on YouTube. It is the 5th album, so they must have a sizable fan base.

Until Next time!!!


Game Review: Camp Buddy

Overall review: 4/5

In celebration of my new affiliate, I decided to post a review about their first game Camp Buddy. Is this review completely biased? Yes! All reviews are biased. They’re like editorials, and everyone knows you cannot retract an opinion!


Camp Buddy is a boy love visual novel game. What is boy love? Figure it out from the context clues and the above picture.

Like many visual novel games, the goal, besides the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the player character and one of several male characters. However, there is no harem route! You only get one guy per play-through, don’t be greedy!

Also, like many visual novel games, you spend the first quarter of the game talking with all the guys and making choices (that actually matter to a point) that lock in the route of the guy you will pursue, along with certain plot points. Your choices are:

Hiro-bodyYour Childhood Friend – Hiro

YoichiThe “Wild” Bad Boy Type – Yoichi

NatsumiThe “Natural” Responsible Type – Natsumi

Hunter-0The Foreign “Young” Type – Hunter

As you proceed through the game the main goal is to save the summer camp while finding love along the way. Depending on the guy you chose, determines how you save the camp and what issues you help them overcome. I can’t say too much because I don’t want to spoil any of the plot.

After playing through four times, one per guy, it is hard to determine which guy is the best. They all have their pros and cons (they’re will written and more than stereotypes)  and I like 3 of the 4 equally. Though, if I had to pick, my favorite guy would be Yoichi. He comes off as a rude bad boy, but he secretly has a heart of gold. In anime terms, he would be tsudere, and we all know how that is my type (I love you Sailor Mars). His back story really resonances with me and I can relate cause some of it is similar to mine. But again, as I said, no spoilers. NO SPOILERS!

This game was made by a small team and crowdfunded through Patreon. The music of the game is pretty good overall. You can listen to it and it doesn’t get annoying or repetitive. When it comes to noises, there are a few sounds that quirky, louder than the background music, and last longer than they should. Here’s looking at your alarm clock!

The voice acting is pretty good in my opinion. To me at least, the voices fit the characters pretty well and are pleasant to the ears. On the down side, the range of emotions some of the voice actors convey isn’t that wide. It is mostly the main characters that have the more emotional scenes so this is something that can be over looked.

Something to note, there is planned DLC coming to the game. Planned, free DLC (if you have already bought the game). Some of the scenes will be expanded, new things to unlock in the gallery (replay some of the more “sexy” scenes), animated mini games, and more importantly, a new romance route for your “rival” in the game.

Taiga.pngThe “Rival” who is getting a new route. Don’t let that smile fool you!

I am not used to reviewing games, so I will work on it by studying other reviewers. Did I forget to mention anything? What do you think? Is this enough to check out the game? Please let me know!