End of Decade: Surviving Gacha Games

So it is no secret I love Gacha games. I don’t spend much money on them, aside from the occasional 99 cents bundles/sales some games have. If I had the money, and time, I would totally whale a game or two to get those sweet, sweet rare items, characters, etc.

Since the advent of smart phones, and phone apps, a lot of game have come and gone. I remember playing a lot, but none really stuck around. Does anyone remember The Simpsons: Tapped Out? I played that for quite a while. I got pretty far, and then dropped it. I can’t remember when I dropped it, but maybe after a year or two. Who knows?

What are these terms I am talking about? Well, here is the run down:

Gacha: Gacha games are video games that adapt and virtualize the gacha mechanic. In the monetization of video games it is similar to loot box, in inducing players to spend money. Most of these games are free-to-play mobile games. (So basically, it is like a virtual lucky box or capsule machine.)

Whaling (whale): a.k.a. players who spend a great deal on in-app purchases—bring in the majority of revenue for the free-to-play (F2P) mobile game market, despite there being fewer of them to support a game. … A better definition for 2018 is someone who spends more than $100 per month on a game.

Since the 10s decade is ending, I decided to do a post on which games I have currently on my phone, in order from the oldest to the newest. Not in terms of release dates mind you, but in terms of how long I’ve been playing them. Let’s get started!


Puzzle & Dragon: It originally came out in 2012, but I didn’t start playing until 2014. I actually only started playing so I can play with an ex of mine, but even after that relationship ended I still continue to play to this day.

All you really do is match three orbs of the same color. Not that hard. The monsters and characters you can use all have their own strength and weaknesses, not including their abilities as well. One thing I love about this game is that they have special monster collaborations with different games, shows, anime, etc. Most recently, they had a Power Rangers colab. 🙂

Pokémon Go: Probably one of the games I have been playing consistantly, yet I am not at level 40, what the hell. I played from when the game first came out, I still have my Abra, the first Pokemon I caught (and I caught it at the mental hospital I work at.) I did take a break my first time in Korea, since my mobile data was limited. It is still fun, and it has been great watching is game grow and develop. There is still quite the fan base in bigger cities.


One Piece Treasure Cruise: This game came out sometime in 2014, but I didn’t start playing until 2015 or 2016. I don’t quite remember. I am surprised it took me so long to play it considering I am a big, die hard One Piece fan (if it isn’t obvious). I don’t play a lot, mainly for events. However, I do log in everyday for the login bonus. I do love the high quality art of the game. That is reason enough to check it out.

King’s Raid: I started playing in late 2016, and I am not sure why. The art style is amazing, and if you set up your team right, you can auto play. It is mindless and relaxing. I have a lot of husbandos for this game, trying to avoid all the waifus they shove down your throat. I do like the events and character skins they often have. They are constantly adding characters and features too. Plus, and this is a huge plus, you can earn premium currency quite easily, so you don’t really have to spend money if you don’t have to.


BTS World: Everything about this game I wrote is here. Nothing has changed. It still gets the occasional updates. The events are kind of bland, but the card collecting and photos are still nifty.

Dragalia Lost: This game recently came out late last year, and it is published by Nintendo. It is fun and addicting. The characters are great, and the events are fun and unique, at least story wise. They cycle through the same three type of events, but it hasn’t gotten stale yet. Unlike other gacha games, they occasionally bring back past events so late/new comers can have a change to reap those rewards.

Pokémon Masters: What can I say that has been said by others already. The game is simple, and fun. It a little unfair at times. The main story is short. Once you finish, there not much to do. The events are short, and the event currency requires too much for even the most basic of things. The premium currency is quite expensive, and it cost a lot of gems to pull, and the gacha rates are quite bad. This is really, really pushing the pay to win. Like me, you can find fun stuff about this game too.

KOF Mobile (The King of Fighters): This game just recently came out and I only got into it because of Twitch Prime. I am still making up my mind about how I feel. It has a steep learning curve.

That all there is right now. Do you like or play any of these games?


Game Review: Camp Buddy

Overall review: 4/5

In celebration of my new affiliate, I decided to post a review about their first game Camp Buddy. Is this review completely biased? Yes! All reviews are biased. They’re like editorials, and everyone knows you cannot retract an opinion!


Camp Buddy is a boy love visual novel game. What is boy love? Figure it out from the context clues and the above picture.

Like many visual novel games, the goal, besides the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the player character and one of several male characters. However, there is no harem route! You only get one guy per play-through, don’t be greedy!

Also, like many visual novel games, you spend the first quarter of the game talking with all the guys and making choices (that actually matter to a point) that lock in the route of the guy you will pursue, along with certain plot points. Your choices are:

Hiro-bodyYour Childhood Friend – Hiro

YoichiThe “Wild” Bad Boy Type – Yoichi

NatsumiThe “Natural” Responsible Type – Natsumi

Hunter-0The Foreign “Young” Type – Hunter

As you proceed through the game the main goal is to save the summer camp while finding love along the way. Depending on the guy you chose, determines how you save the camp and what issues you help them overcome. I can’t say too much because I don’t want to spoil any of the plot.

After playing through four times, one per guy, it is hard to determine which guy is the best. They all have their pros and cons (they’re will written and more than stereotypes)  and I like 3 of the 4 equally. Though, if I had to pick, my favorite guy would be Yoichi. He comes off as a rude bad boy, but he secretly has a heart of gold. In anime terms, he would be tsudere, and we all know how that is my type (I love you Sailor Mars). His back story really resonances with me and I can relate cause some of it is similar to mine. But again, as I said, no spoilers. NO SPOILERS!

This game was made by a small team and crowdfunded through Patreon. The music of the game is pretty good overall. You can listen to it and it doesn’t get annoying or repetitive. When it comes to noises, there are a few sounds that quirky, louder than the background music, and last longer than they should. Here’s looking at your alarm clock!

The voice acting is pretty good in my opinion. To me at least, the voices fit the characters pretty well and are pleasant to the ears. On the down side, the range of emotions some of the voice actors convey isn’t that wide. It is mostly the main characters that have the more emotional scenes so this is something that can be over looked.

Something to note, there is planned DLC coming to the game. Planned, free DLC (if you have already bought the game). Some of the scenes will be expanded, new things to unlock in the gallery (replay some of the more “sexy” scenes), animated mini games, and more importantly, a new romance route for your “rival” in the game.

Taiga.pngThe “Rival” who is getting a new route. Don’t let that smile fool you!

I am not used to reviewing games, so I will work on it by studying other reviewers. Did I forget to mention anything? What do you think? Is this enough to check out the game? Please let me know!


Announcement: New Affiliate

I am sure you have noticed a a few new changes to the site, most recently a tab in the upper right hand corner. If you haven’t, that is okay.

I have a new affiliate tabs. This tab will be links to sponsor sites and products.

A new (and the first) affiliate of Daily Big T is BLits Games.


Who or what is BLits Games?

You can find out more about them here, but essentially here is an exert from their website:

BLits is an independent Yaoi/Boy’s Love development team founded in October 2016 by artists Mikkoukun and Zael, eventually co-founded with the programmer, Jey. Once founded, the team set out to create its first project, a visual novel, “Camp Buddy”.

Why take them on as an affiliate?

Why not? I am a gamer. I love visual novels. I am a bisexual guy so this is right up my alley. The game is fun and what I know of the company they’re pretty good.

How does this affect me?

Uh… it doesn’t. Unless you plan to buy the game, then you can access it from my site.

If you have any questions or concerns please drop me a line using the contact tab. Otherwise, wait for a new update. This was just a quick announcement post.



With the new Pokemon games coming out in roughly two months (November 15th, 2019), I decided to do a post of my favorite Pokemon from each generation. These are my personal bias so don’t get hurt if your favorite is not on here. Also don’t be mad that this is a rare top 5 list that doesn’t have the overrated Charizard.

Here it is, my final Top 5 Pokemon post (at least for now), and we reach the Alola region, otherwise known as generation 7. Honestly, I only played Pokemon Sun (and Ultra Sun) once. I didn’t have much fun playing. It was a lot of hand holding. However, a lot of waifus and husbandos came out of this game. Without further ado, let us begin.

#5: Magearna


Magearna, an event Pokemon one can only get by QR code. If you don’t have it, here you go.


Honestly, I never used it. I picked it up and automatically put it in my box. Heartless? Yes. So why is it on my list? Well, I just like the way it looks. It looks like my favorite villain from the Madoka Magica series, Walpurgisnacht. Pokemon even updated the nickname system to allow 12 characters. You bet your sweet ass I nicknamed it that. I mean, doesn’t it look like it, even just a little?

My favorite Pokemon

#4: Mimikyu


Yes, the knock-off Pikachu merchandise Pokemon. To be honest, I would have liked it (based on the sheer creepy factor alone) even without the hard push in marketing from Nintendo. The promotional video and song that went with it made the Pokemon seem lonely and copy Pikachu so trainers will want to catch and train it. For a ghost and fairy type, it isn’t bad, plus the free substitute in battle is great as well. Still, I kind of regret liking it since everyone else likes it too. I know, I am such a hipster.

#3: lyconroc 


This (well these) good boy is my third pick. I really think it should be higher on my list. I like all three forms. You got a werewolf, a wolf, and a weird fusion of the two, each with their own unique battle styles. Although, I am not a fan of them being a rock type Pokemon.

Yes, I like them just because they are wolves. I am that kind of person. Don’t judge me. You chose to come to this website. What does this say about you? Huh? If I had to choose a Pokemon to make real and be my partner, I would choose one of these. Or in a twister way, I would chose one that is able to freely change between the forms. I am a monster.

#2: Type Null/Silvally


Normally, I choose one member of the evolution line even if I like the whole evolution line. However, it was hard to choose between these two. I like Type Null (fun fact, during the reveal video I thought it was a coding error) since it looks like a monster with helmet. That is pretty hard core, even by my standards. It looks cool, plus it is an artificial Pokemon that severed its purpose and was cryogenically frozen. Tragic.

Then it evolves with friendship and all it really does is lose the helmet, and shows its true face (and becomes whiter). That is it. It is the most low-key change in all of Pokemon evolution history. Don’t agree with me? Fight me. Basically this Pokemon says “I like and trust you enough to show you my true face.” That really resonances with me. Plus it looks like another good boy puppy. How can I not like it?

#1: Incineroar


Another fan favorite and Smash fighter. It is a wrestler, and a cat. If you don’t know wrestling, it is model after a “heel” fighter. Which is pretty cool in and of it self. It has a championship belt that is pure fire. I think it looks cool and it is a starter. I know my taste are predictable.

What do you think of my top 5 pick? Who are your favorite, non-Charizard Pokemon?


P.S. I decided to get the Sword version of the new Pokemon games coming out.


With the new Pokemon games coming out in roughly two months (November 15th, 2019), I decided to do a post of my favorite Pokemon from each generation. These are my personal bias so don’t get hurt if your favorite is not on here. Also don’t be mad that this is a rare top 5 list that doesn’t have the overrated Charizard.

The sixth generation of Pokemon is considered by many to be easy. However, I had a lot of fun playing with the friends I made in college. We battled, traded, hung out and played together, etc. It was the first time I got the full Pokemon experience (what they advertise) in my life. This generation also introduced the fairy type and the fun mega mechanic. So without further-ado, let’s start.

#5: Greninja


Shut up. Just shut up. I know most of the fandom wet themselves over this Pokemon. Yes, I know that is an image that you didn’t need, by my analogy stands. It is so popular that it became a fighter in Super Smash, and even got a “mega/special” form for the seventh generation.

I like it because it is a cool looking frog ninja. Plus, it was the best out of all the starters in the sixth generation. It is a water dark with a cool move and a sweet-ass hidden ability that changes the Pokemon’s type depending on the moves it uses. Yes, just yes. So much yes.

#4: Hawlucha


I normally don’t like flying types, considering my rocky relationship with birds in real life, but this one gets a place in my heart.

It is a luchador. Apparently I don’t type this word enough because auto-correct wants me to type Labrador. I know I am not fully in touch with my Hispanic roots but I do love lucha libres. Its shiny form is a complete opposite color like a luchador’s arch rival.

Continuing with the fighter theme, it gets a special signature move, THE FLYING PRESS!!! It is the only dual type move (flying and fighting) to ever exist. The animation is kind of cool as well. Maybe I am the only one who was super excited about it. Don’t judge me.

#3: Agieslash


Yes. I love the sword Pokemon. It is a sword with a shield. I love it when inanimate objects get possessed by spirits, or curses, etc. How can you not like it? Look it in the eye and tell it you do not like it.

#2: Meowstic


A fashionable, psychic kitty. I do like the male version a little better than the female version. Sure, in the duo the female is the attacker and the male is the support and buffer. Maybe that why I was so drawn to it, aside from how it looks and coloring. In most games I play, I tend to play a supporting role. If Pokemon, other than Porygon, were real, I would like one of these. I hope that it isn’t a one off appearance.

#1: Tyrantrum


It is a T-rex. I love dinosaurs. It is a rock and dragon type. Normally when you get a fossil Pokemon, you get a generic NBD Pokemon. Imagine my surprise when I got an actual dinosaur. I didn’t think it would take six generations of Pokemon to get an actual dinosaur from a fossil.

What do you think of my top 5 pick? Who are your favorite, non-Charizard Pokemon?

Look forward to next week where I post my Top 5 generation 5 Pokemon.


P.S. I actually don’t know if I will get the new games for the Switch or not yet. Probably I will.


With the new Pokemon games coming out in roughly two months (November 15th, 2019), I decided to do a post of my favorite Pokemon from each generation. These are my personal bias so don’t get hurt if your favorite is not on here. Also don’t be mad that this is a rare top 5 list that doesn’t have the overrated Charizard.

Now we come to the much loved (or hated) Unova (or Isshu in Japan) region. This region is based on New York city in the United States. It is the first generation of Pokemon to not take place in Japan. It is across the world (Pokemon World) so all the Pokemon are new and different from the ones we have seen before. It was hard to pick only five for this list.

As much as I like this generation, I do not like how the changed the experience system. You see, the bigger difference in level between your Pokemon and the opposing Pokemon, the less experience you get. It made it hard to level up your Pokemon and you really had to grind. Doesn’t help that a lot of Pokemon have late game evolutions.  So yeah…. let’s begin.

#5: Zorua/Zoroark


A cool looking Pokemon that is an event Pokemon. It’s illusion ability allows it to look like a different Pokemon in your party. It is good for tricking your friends, and the AI, into thinking it is a different Pokemon. Additionally, the shiny is blue in all the red parts. It looks really, really cool. It was fun to have in the party, but was a pain to transfer the Pokemon I needed in order to trigger the event.

#4: Ferrothorn


A plant. A steal cactus. What else do I need to say? Really? It has high defense and its ability allows it to damage those that physically attack it. It was hard to find at first, but if you get the base, it is a worth while investment.

#3: Chandelure


First thing I should tell you, is that this Pokemon needs a stone to reach its final evolution. This is something I had to discover for myself, no one told me, so I am telling you. Without the Dusk Stone, it stays as the lamp.

So this a a cool looking ghost fire chandelier. It is fun to use. Burn your opponent, then hex them to do double the damage. I normally don’t use ghost types, but it is so adorable. I mean how can you not like it. Another fun thing about this Pokemon, it is a fighter in the Pokemon Tekken fighting game. Yes, a light fixture is in a fighting game. What are you doing with your life? That’s what I thought.

#2: Zekrom 


Yes, I am including a legendary on my list. I think it is the first time I have one on any list.  First of all, it looks cool. It is a black and blue Pokemon. Can you tell it is an electric dragon? It is the reason why I chose to play Pokemon White.

#1: Volcarona


A bug fire type Pokemon, that sounds like the “my Sharona” song. At some point you will associate the two. You get this Pokemon as an egg. it hatches into a larva. A freaking larva that doesn’t evolve until level 59. LEVEL 59!!! That is over half the Pokemon levels. It is a worthwhile investment that eventually pays off. It is my all time favorite Pokemon right now. it is so cute and adorable. I am looking for a plush of it.

What do you think of my top 5 pick? Who are your favorite, non-Charizard Pokemon?

Look forward to next week where I post my Top 5 generation 5 Pokemon.


P.S. I actually don’t know if I will get the new games for the Switch or not yet. Probably I will.


With the new Pokemon games coming out in roughly two months (November 15th, 2019), I decided to do a post of my favorite Pokemon from each generation. These are my personal bias so don’t get hurt if your favorite is not on here. Also don’t be mad that this is a rare top 5 list that doesn’t have the overrated Charizard.

Another controversial opinion I have, aside from my Charizard thoughts, is that Generation is my least favorite when it comes to Pokemon. Sure some of them look cool, but the game itself was slow, had a big lack of fire types, and rarely any of them caught my eye for my first play through. I do have some a soft spot for Diamond, Pearl and Platinum since they were the last games my mom bought me before passing, but that doesn’t help much. Hell, I only had five Pokemon when I went to the Elite 4.

Also note, I won’t be writing a lot. There isn’t much for me to say for this generation.

Anyways here are my favorites and my party:

#5: Luario


My number 5 pick, but my new Smash Brothers main since Brawl. He is only so low since you get him late in the game, as an egg. He is a steel fighting type that gets a cool mega is Generation 6. His evolution is based on friendship so it was rewarding. However, he spent so long in his base form since I only played after school and homework and he doesn’t evolve at night. Whoops.

#4: Staraptor


Staraptor, a fighting bird. Yes, this bird is a fighting type. It is black, has “bangs” that covers one of its eyes, a color streak in its hair, and it is black. It is everything emo me wanted in a Pokemon. It is hard core and edgy, just to my taste. I would be lying if I said I out grew my emo phase. I still like black and dark colors. Which brings me to my next Pokemon.

#3: Luxray


Another cool looking Pokemon that is primarily black in color. This time it is an electric lion. Surprisingly, you can catch the base form on the early route. It was an ace in a lot of my battles, not my main battler but a top contender.

#2: Torterra


Yes, my starter (cause the monkey looked stupid and the penguin lost the coin toss) is on the list. What a surprise right? Well, it shouldn’t be. It is a land turtle power house. Grass and ground, yes please. I mean it can destroy many Pokemon with an earthquake and then heal itself. It is self-sustaining. This was my main battler for the first half of the game. It could do everything I needed it to do, and look cool while it was doing it.


Plus, it was in the movie Detective Pikachu. It was huge and practically an island, that made me so happy. as a kid I always imagined having my own tree house on this Pokemon, and the movie made them big enough to do so. It does have a bit on an ugly face in the movie, but that is fine.

#1: Garchomp 


Yes, Garchomp is my number one pick. It looks cool, its purple (and doesn’t become black 😦 in its shiny form), and reminds me of one of my favorite childhood cartoons, Street Sharks. I randomly found the base form in a cave under the bike path/cycling road. Seriously, it was my first encounter. I decided to keep it because it was a dragon and they are usually powerful, and then I come across its final form. It so cool, the champion of the region has one too. It also gets a mega form in the sixth generation, which has a nice gothic look to it as well.

What do you think of my top 5 pick? Who are your favorite, non-Charizard Pokemon?

Look forward to next week where I post my Top 5 generation 5 Pokemon.


P.S. I actually don’t know if I will get the new games for the Switch or not yet. Probably I will.