Building Your Mobile App: What Should I Think About?

from David

You have your resources, came up with your idea and can develop your killer app. But … did you stop thinking exactly what the hell to do?

Here are some key questions to consider including:

Do I understand my market ?: When it comes to developing your app, it is important to research and validate your understanding of where you sit in the modern market and who you rub your shoulders with. Are you picking up on trends and can you take advantage of potential or even unforeseen opportunities? And, perhaps most importantly, do you conduct ongoing research on a regular basis to ensure that your understanding not only stays up-to-date but is also incorporated into your daily practice?

Do I understand what “mobile” design really means ?: One of the most popular phrases in modern development, designing for mobile devices, involves taking into account a number of hard and soft considerations. In addition to developing hands-on, understanding how and why your audience is using their devices is important. It can be as simple as reviewing your UX to make it available to all segments of the market, to examining the key issues arising from your design, such as: B. use on multiple platforms, cloud storage, handshakes and much more.

Am I ready to test ?: When you’re managing a tight budget and development timeline, it’s only natural to cut corners to get your app out the door … and one of the first brains to poke at the chopping block is testing. This is a fundamental and critical mistake. Allowing enough time for in-depth, ongoing testing can mean the difference between a good product and a defective one. If you find that you are reducing your testing actions, or lack the skills and expertise to automate or do sufficient unit testing, it is time to get down to work and review your planning actions.

Did I plan to code for cell phones ?: Coding can be difficult at best, and mobile presents its own unique challenges. By choosing the right development platform and framework, you can keep you from being tied to specific design decisions and easily resolve potential obstacles that you have identified. For many businesses, frameworks like React Native provide a number of tools to help you get off the ground and solve problems as they arise. Looking at a React Native Startups Guide is a quick way to see if the platform is right for you, or to broaden your search to find a framework or toolkit to work with.

Rapid prototyping – am I ready ?: You need to work optimally for mobile development. And when it comes to standing out in a crowded market, it is important to review your product and get feedback as soon as possible. If you choose to do a paid-back development, you can iron out your kinks asap and redo your design. If you don’t, not only will you be left behind, but you, your teams and key holders will quickly become jammed. Waiting until you’re ready to prototype may be excruciating, but it’s almost always the right decision.