Republican Madison Cawthorn, who won the race for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District – … [+] took to social media and tweeted, “Cry more, lib.”

Photo courtesy Committee on Arrangements for the 2020 Republican National Committee

There were many famous quotes associated with election victories and defeat. American pastor Harry Emerson Fosdick reportedly said, “Democracy is based on the belief that there are extraordinary opportunities in ordinary people,” while former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson said, “Regardless of who wins, should a choice be a choice. ” Time for optimism and new approaches. “

However, 2020 was certainly a choice like no other – and that can be seen in the comments made on social media.

After 25-year-old Republican Madison Cawthorn was elected the youngest member of Congress to win the race for North Carolina’s 11th Congressional District, he took to social media and tweeted, “Cry more, lib.”

The millennial elected Congressman’s comments were quickly challenged.

@ crog2020 replied, “Really? Yours [sic] run for office and so are you? “

Others responded more briefly when @ ChaiMike26 tweeted, “So the Republicans sent a baby to DC? You need to review child labor laws.”

@tonyfrontier replied even harsher: “Seriously? This person has the privilege of representing an entire congressional district and he responds like a lonely, insecure basement troll?”

Cawthorn, posing as a conservative response to “The Squad” – the group of young, progressive women in Congress – was seen by experts as a bridge to younger voters. He successfully defeated Moe Davis, a 62-year-old retired Air Force colonel. He used social media to connect with younger voters and received positive responses too.

@ncknln tweeted: “You just became my favorite member of Congress!”

@potentcogency added, “Madison exactly! This is what they do, they give it out but they can’t take it!”

Ready to win

In addition to preparing a victory speech and a concession speech, some candidates now seem to have social media graphics ready. That was certainly the case with the US Republican house candidate Byron Donalds, who won Florida’s 19th Congressional District.

From his official account (@BryonDonalds), he tweeted a picture thanking the supporters, adding, “Big win tonight! I’m really humble and honored. Thank you to my family, #TeamDonalds, and our hard working volunteers who knocked on doors, signs and phone calls waved to make sure Southwest Florida has a trusted Conservative. I look forward to serving you in Washington! “

Kai Kahele (@kaikahele), Democratic candidate for Hawaii’s Second District, posted a photo of him and his family as he tweeted, “Mahalo Hawai’i! Words can’t express my deep appreciation for everyone who believed in our campaign, us Our challenging work begins now and I will do all I can to bring our state the resources we need to build resilient Hawaii. “

In the case of Democratic Congressman-elect Mondaire Jones, who won New York’s 17th District, congratulations were given by the Progressive Caucus PAC (@electprogress), whose victory graphic was prepared for a tweet: “@MondaireJones is the next Congressman from # NY17! Mondaire’s vision for change is based on a non-apologetically progressive vision to address the injustices and injustices that have ravaged our country today. We couldn’t be more excited to welcome him to Congress! “

Pro-choice rights group NARAL (@NARAL) also provided a congratulatory graphic for Rep. Katie Porter (D-Cali.), Who re-elected to California’s 45th Congressional District in her tweet “@katieporteroc just won her house race” was in California! She is an advocate for reproductive freedom who has consistently fought to protect our most basic freedoms. #ReproFreedomVoter @ProChoiceCA “

Memes that made the rounds

What would Twitter be without memes expressing the feelings many had about the election? While many of them didn’t give a preferred candidate, it was obvious what some users thought.

@ Jamie188 shared their feelings about the election with South Park Gifs.

The Canadian Twitter user @TracyMBurnet tweeted: “I think of all my American friends today!”

@ Tony96116971 tweeted, “Vote for responsibility! Prove the rest of the world is wrong” – with a picture of Homer Simpson and the caption, “Get ready everyone, he’s about to do something stupid.”