The age of coronavirus brought about more than just illness, panic, and lockdowns. The reality of dealing with Covid-19 offered scammers and adversaries new opportunities to plague innocent people.

Mask mandates, which are supposed to keep us all from spitting viruses at each other, hide our faces from each other. These criminals and liars are now using the tools of both Doctor Sand Bandits to hide their true identities and to commit the new deception called “mask fishing”.

Dating apps and other social media platforms have to deal with the dangers of “mask fishing” … [+] practice hiding behind a Covid-19 mask to deceive people.

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It’s the latest ugly dating trend to join in with “ghosting” – much like catfishing or the act of posing as someone else in order to cheat on a romantic partner. The idea of ​​mask fishing hides the creator’s face to get someone to go on a date or other romantic proposal. The perpetrators attempt to twist the medical practice of wearing protective face clothing in order to manipulate strangers.

To keep people from putting a masked face on the social media world, an online dating service is banning profile photos with masks to ensure users know what they look like. The app and dating program AdultFriendFinder – the self-proclaimed “largest camming and casual dating website for adults with over 100 million registered users worldwide” – has published the “No Maskfishing Mandate”.

The users of the site can no longer use pictures with masks in their dating profiles. To enforce this new rule, the adult dating program uses artificial intelligence to flag and stop masked images before they are uploaded.

At the very least, the mandate aims to ensure that users know the mug of the man or woman they are talking to online. At best, it should put off some hustlers who want to cheat on someone who is looking for love.