DELANO, CA – MARCH 31: First Lady Dr. Jill Biden attends a day of action at The Forty Acres … [+] with the Cesar Chavez Foundation, United Farm Workers, and the UFW Foundation on Wednesday March 31, 2021 in Delano, CA. (Kent Nishimura / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

It wasn’t an “April Fool’s joke” as some social media users suggested that First Lady Jill Biden stood in front of a flag resembling a “giant Nazi eagle” during a speech on Wednesday to mark Cesar Chavez Day. The flag in question was actually the United Farm Workers (UFW) union flag. The UFW, founded in 1962, is the country’s first permanent agricultural union.

The group has no Nazi, or even Nazi ties, and the flag was reportedly designed by Chavez’s cousin. However, many users apparently saw some notable similarities with the flags used in the Third Reich.

“Imagine First Lady Melania Trump standing in front of that flag …” wrote Brigitte Gabriel, founder of ACT For America (@ACTBrigitte).

Other users also jumped on the flag:

It’s worth noting that such images are routinely viewed on social media today. Just over a month ago, the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) stage also made the rounds for its resemblance to a Nazi symbol.

This week, Dr. However, Biden also took the spotlight after her speech for her choice of words. She was mocked on social media for saying “Si Se Puede!” Mispronounced what translated means “Yes, we can”.

Many social media users have held her accountable for her mispronunciation.

“It’s ‘Si se puede’ (Yes, you / we can), not ‘Si se pwadueh’. I can’t even imagine what word she was trying to say. Seriously, why try to pander at all when you butcher it and don’t want to practice ?! “suggested Joanna Rodriguez (@joannamrod), a communications director for the Republican Association of Governors.

Media strategist Giancarlo Sopo (@GiancarloSopo) jumped into the fray, writing, “Not a big deal, but I’m old enough to remember when President Trump’s false pronunciations would consume news cycles.”

However, some media have noticed.

Journalist Dania Alexandrino (@DaniaPeriodista) asked, “Si se what ???? I’m sure someone will tell Jill Biden for sure that ‘puadray’ is NOT a word in the Spanish dictionary. For those celebrating their efforts, yes NO Very far away from ‘Si se Puede’, which means ‘Yes (we) can’. We in brackets, because it can also be yes that you can! “

Jill Biden and Melania Trump Trending are a reflection of our national divide

From then on, it didn’t take long for the name of former first lady Melania Trump to be called, and by Thursday afternoon both first ladies were all the rage on social media.

The Twitter account AllegianeToLiberty (@AllegianceTL) noted, “Melania is fluent in Slovenian, French, German, Italian and English. Jill Biden can’t even say a scripted line in Spanish without butchering her …”

Writer Nick Adams (@NickAdmasiUSA) also brought Mrs. Trump into the mix, writing, “When I see Jill Biden botching basic Spanish, I miss Melania Trump, an extraordinary first lady who speaks five languages ​​fluently.”

As former President Donald Trump and Melania Trump supporters swung, hostility quickly intensified.

There was a time when families, including the first lady, would not have been subjected to such a test. Social media certainly changed the rules. What should be annoying is that Ms. Trump has been largely out of the spotlight since leaving the White House in January, and this is hardly the first time she has been so openly ridiculed.

That should be annoying as President Joe Biden, the husband of Dr. Jill Biden, called for unity and the healing of the nation. However, as has been shown again on social media, there is such open hostility that any chance of reconciliation or even a return to the decency President Biden demanded is next to impossible.

While it’s easy to post such memes, it’s clear that social media isn’t about supporting one cause or position, rather it has become a tool to tear down the other side.