Does your company really need MFA?

Companies always have to cover every basis. In this world every day is a challenge and you never know when you might encounter negative instances. You will always have competitors waiting your throat and potential cybercrime following you – especially as you get bigger.

Something that organizations need to have in order to stay more secure and avoid unnecessary problems is multi-factor authentication. You may have looked at MFA in the past as it has made its way into many different areas of the digital world. Here we are going to talk about it in a little more detail and discuss why it is really needed in business.

What is multi-factor authentication?

Multi-factor authentication is a way to protect your company’s data and information by reinforcing the authentication process that is already in place. Employees need to use two or more pieces of critical information to log into the systems they use. The main factor is usually a simple username and password function – like most logins. However, the second could be an array of different types of codes or requirements. You can choose a code through a text message, fingerprint, key fob, or biometric confirmation.

If you have just one factor, your business (and your personal information outside of business hours) is usually much easier to attack by someone who wants to do harm. It prevents hackers from getting into the systems by guessing street names, nicknames, middle names, etc. MFA ensures that different pieces of information have to be retrieved in order to access the data. This information is very different from the first factor. This makes it a lot harder to crack – almost impossible, in fact.

Do cyber attacks use credentials?

Many, many different groups of hackers attempt to use credentials as the primary method of accessing an organization’s systems. You can try sending an email and simply asking the victim to enter their details. You can even use malware to get the details. Ransomware is on the rise and this type of crime is not to be taken lightly. The cost of downtime and data breach handling can destroy a business. So MFA is definitely a good solution.

How do you set up MFA?

So we learned that enabling MFA is pretty important to your business because you just never know which negative instance is around the corner.

Given the complicated nature of multi-factor authentication itself, one might think that setting up and verifying everything would be just as complicated. It’s actually a pretty straightforward series of steps, and not something to pull your hair off. When your company works with a reliable managed service provider, they can do all the hard work for you. They have the experience and knowledge to install the type of MFA you need.

If you haven’t worked with an MSP, finding one you can trust is a good idea for many, many reasons. Your IT systems sometimes need to be monitored and supported, and they will certainly help in the event of hacks or data breaches. MFA is a staple in most large businesses these days. So make sure you have it on your radar from now on.