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Facebook removed a video of President Donald Trump addressing his supporters who stormed the Capitol while Twitter took steps to limit its reach. This follows widespread condemnation of the platforms’ lack of action in the run-up to the violence in Washington, DC, on Wednesday.

President Donald Trump’s Twitter account has amassed nearly 500 flags, most of which expose his … [+] false claims about the choice.

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Key factors

Guy Rosen, vice president for integrity at Facebook, said in a statement that the video was turned off because the situation was an “emergency”. “All in all, we believe it will help reduce the risk of persistent violence rather than reduce it.”

Twitter posted a warning label under the featured tweet indicating that the restrictions were in place “due to a risk of violence” and denying Trump’s unsubstantiated claim that the election was “stolen” from him.

Twitter also issued an official statement on the Washington DC situation, stating that it was “working proactively to protect the health of public conversation” on the platform.

The company said that “threats and calls to violence” were against the rules of the social platform and enforced those rules accordingly.

Key background

Democrats and prominent technicians have beaten up Twitter and Facebook CEOs for their platforms’ inactivity in the run-up to the violence. Venture capitalist Chris Sacca tweeted, “You have blood on your hands, Jack and Zuck. For four years you have been rationalizing this terror. Incitement to violent treason is not free speech. If you work in these companies, it’s up to you too. Shut it down.”

Big number

470. This is the total number of Trump tweets reported by Twitter on Thursday afternoon. Most of these concerned election misinformation.

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