Web push notifications are notifications that your website visitors can sign up for to stay up to date without installing your app. These rich content clickable messages can be sent to users’ devices from a website or online app. Web push notifications are sent to your user’s device (mobile or desktop) even when the user is not on your website. These notifications can only be sent to users who have signed up to receive these notifications. They are a brand new / up and coming marketing channel that allows you to re-engage your visitors without knowing their email address or other contact information. You can use web push notifications to reach users who are not on your website.

Web push notifications are supported by Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, and Edge on Desktop, and Chrome, Firefox, and Opera on Android Mobile. It is important to note that iOS does not yet support web push notifications. Safari 7.0.3 (with a market share of 5-7%) was the top vendor for web push support. It was followed by Chrome 42 (market share 40-50% and growing), which supported both desktop and Android. Mozilla Firefox (16-20% market share) will shortly announce its support for Web Push. Safari, Chrome and Firefox together have a market share of around 61-77%. With these browsers supporting web push, the reach of web push notifications is immense.


Learn about Firefox push notifications

Firefox push notifications are notifications that are displayed through the Mozilla Firefox browser. They are standard for this communication channel. PushEngage helps your website send web push notifications to those who log in using their Firefox browsers. Firefox could be a free application from Mozilla.

Firefox now supports push notifications on both desktop and mobile devices. They are now aimed at users who use the Firefox browser on both desktop and mobile. With PushAlert, you can get these new visitors to subscribe to push notifications to effectively increase engagement and find repeat traffic. Web push notifications for Firefox work on Windows, Linux, Android, and macOS (OSX).

Similar to other browsers, your subscribers don’t have to go to your website to trigger notifications. Firefox can provide on-screen notifications even when this site is not loaded. This is often useful for sites like shopping (ecommerce), online retail, news, email, weather, and social networks that you might want to check for updates frequently. Using the Push API, a W3C standard, Firefox receives a push message and can display notifications at any time (if allowed by the user). Firefox has now activated push notifications for its mobile browser for Android as well. A whole new user base is waiting for you. All a visitor needs to do is click the Always Receive Notifications button, whether they’re on a mobile device or desktop, for you to potentially send push notifications.

Firefox Broswer https://assetscdn.pushengage.com/site_assets/frontend/revamped_assets/img/landing/firefox/PushEngage-FireFox.png

Why should you use Firefox push notifications?

Firefox maintains a strong connection to a push service to receive push notifications as long as it is open. Push notifications are one of the most valuable features of native apps. This experience is now available online. To get the most out of web push notifications, they need to be timely, precise, and relevant at the user level.

when what whoIn time:

A timely notification is displayed when users want it and when it matters most to them.


An accurate notification contains specific information that is easy to grasp or can take immediate action.


A relevant message is about people or topics that interest the user.

Firefox push notification history

With the introduction of push notifications on other platforms, Mozilla began to support push notifications in the Firefox browsers.

In January 2016

Firefox version 44 now supports push notifications. It allows the positioning to send push notifications in the Firefox browser.

Aug 2016,

Mozilla now enables the delivery of push notifications on the Android platform. This feature was introduced in Firefox version 48.

Apr 2017,

The push subscription opt-in UX has been redesigned in version 53.

PushEngage functions in the Firefox browser

1. Trigger notifications

User action supported sending web push notifications. You can decide which user action should trigger a push notification. Create multiple campaigns for each action and send targeted web push notifications in the Firefox browser. For example, if the user has downloaded a PDF file or viewed a video, you can send certain push notifications.

Trigger notifications

2. Multiple ways to segment

Segment your users to support their interests. They segment users who support the link they need to subscribe to your notifications. You can also dynamically add and remove users from the segment.

3. Drip push notifications

Create a drip notification to increase your brand awareness. With the drip push notification you can let your users know about your product and its benefits and ultimately convert them into customers. You create multiple drops for different activities.

Drip push notifications

4. Abandoned car

You can send push notifications for abandoned carts in Firefox browsers on both desktop and mobile. Create a series of push notifications for abandoned cart users and send them at different time intervals. This can remind the user of their shopping cart again and again and should lead to a purchase.

abandoned carhttps://assetscdn.pushengage.com/site_assets/frontend/revamped_assets/img/featuredetail/updated/Design_Any_Automated_Campaign.png


Web push notifications are one of the most effective communication channels across the spectrum. Chrome, Safari and Firefox cover almost 75% of the total browser stack. Firefox push browser notifications are unique in terms of technology and deliverability. They are quick, relevant and very specific. With little technological advances, they are personalized. For example, you add individual information to use it effectively. In short, Firefox push notifications are the breakthrough communication medium.

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