Getting a great zoom background is easy enough if you’re ok with cheating. Click on the virtual beach scene or galaxy view in your settings menu and voila, no one will see the huge hole your dog chewed in the armrest of your IKEA sofa.

For an authentic size, additional lighting (a ring light works wonders), an external camera with a wide-angle view and a device with which you can look with the camera at eye level (never take photos from below) are helpful!). That should get you 7s, 8s and maybe 9s – because people are judging whether to mention it or not. However, for 10/10 zoom room ratings you need some flair.

Here’s a quick recap of some great background objects that can be used to improve your zoom ratings while also making your quarantine environment more beautiful in real life too.

For the living room or office

Gromeo brings life to any background, on Zoom or IRL.


The eco-friendly Gromeo is a maple wall garden that arrives loaded with plants and ready to hang. Made from recycled materials, it’s both refined and earthy for a mood that says, “Yes, we work here, but I care about the planet.” Ingeniously designed by Habitat Horticulture, known for its wall gardens in Silicon Valley, Gromeo features a mesh bag system and a hidden 1-gallon reservoir that will keep plants hydrated for up to three weeks without watering. From $ 299 to $ 399.

For the table or the bookshelf

Teno by Lumio lamp

The upcoming Teno lamp and speaker will illuminate your 2021 Zoom … [+] Game.

Teno from Lumio

Max Gunawan, the designer and entrepreneur behind the popular Lumio lamp in the shape of a glowing book, recently unveiled his latest wonder object, Teno, a sculptural speaker and a light inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi (mending broken ceramics). . Teno is made of cast sand and resin and resembles a handcrafted lava stone bowl. After “breaking out”, Teno works with four lighting levels. It’s also a bluetooth speaker. Striking in the most peaceful and zen way. They’re not available yet, but we’ll still be zooming in when Teno ships in 2021. So get your orders now. 300 dollars.

For the kitchen

Florentine kitchen knife

Florentine’s new slicer is a real eye-catcher

Florentine kitchen knife

Florentine Kitchen Knives makes some of the most beautiful specialty knives in the world. As a background scene enhancer, it’s difficult to compare Florentine’s new F4 range, which is customizable in a rainbow of color options – red, blue, green, indigo – or opting for all of the colors of the rainbow. Barcelona-based knife maker Tomer Botner uses Swedish stainless steel, as well as French and German carbon steel for its blades, but it’s the handles that demonstrate the brand’s true art. Florentine’s signature look consists of a series of stacked multicolored micarta discs (made from canvas and resin) that look like brilliant strips. Keen eyes on your Zoom calls show that you have excellent taste. The prices vary.

For the backyard

Solo stove

Add some firepower to your next outdoor zoom

Solo stove

If you zoom in outside this winter, light up the scene with Solo Stove. A bold and elegant new take on the fire pit, Solo is reinventing the campfire with a double-walled steel design and an air intake system that virtually eliminates smoke and keeps ash to a minimum. Plus, you just look better in the light of a fire. You really do. $ 349.99