The social media world has already made matchmakers and advertising agencies partially superfluous. Now a new network would like to add sports marketing agents to that list.

Brandon Wimbush, former Notre Dame Fighting Irish and Central Florida Knights quarterback, is the co-founder of a new online agency that seeks to build a social network between athletes and businesses looking for sales representatives and brand ambassadors.

Brandon Wimbush, former Notre Dame quarterback, co-founded MOGL – a new online sports agency.

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MOGL was founded by Wimbush and Ayden Syal and is a social platform where athletes can connect with companies, foundations, brands and individuals through advertising and compensation opportunities. It aims to empower these athletes by allowing them to search for and choose between different business units so that users can shape their social and business experiences.

Athletes or retired players who sign up for MOGL can set their prices for engagements and look for unique opportunities with businesses and other businesses looking for agents and advertising partners.

According to its founders, MOGL will also benefit the surrounding communities by pouring income into sports programs to promote “youth development and sporting activities”. It is not clear how and where MOGL determines which programs to consider.

There is a chance that a business platform like MOGL could allow both professional and amateur athletes to create social network connections and gain financial benefits. Currently, college players are not allowed under NCAA rules to make money for their performance and likeness. With litigation pending that could change that status, networks like MOGL could represent agents who only want to represent a few players at a time.