This question has puzzled mankind for centuries: which came first, the chicken or the egg?

The French supermarket chain U Shops (Systems U) has set itself the task of finding out the answer in a new campaign entitled “The Hen” (or “La Poule” in French).

The TV and digital commercial from TBWA / Paris takes the viewer back to a time in which he follows a hen and her ancestors through a world war, the 18th century, the Roman era, the stone age and back to the dinosaur era to find the answer.

The concept of the display, as the last frame makes clear, is to promote the use of free-range eggs by the retail chain and to improve animal welfare.

What is frustrating, however, is that the spot doesn’t reveal what really came first. Mankind can wonder a little longer about the wonders of evolution.

This is not the first egg-centered work by TBWA Paris. To kick off McDonald’s all-day breakfast menu in France, the agency created a satisfying series of GIFs about bouncing eggs and other fanciful ingredients in an Egg McMuffin.

U Brand: Sandrine Burgat, Laurène de Demandolx, Céline Guérin-Vaney
TBWA Paris: Anne Vincent, Matthéo Pressmar, Adrien Marsaud, Meryl Conrad
Executive Creative Directors: Benjamin Marchal and Faustin Claverie
Art Director: Sébastien Guinet
Copywriter: Josselin Pacreau
Production: / Otherwise
Filmmaker: Hungry Beards
Dop: Jean Paul Agostini
CEO & Producer Otherwise: Maxime Boiron
Production manager: Tristan Voisin
Post production: Digital District & Else
Post producers: Dorothée Semezis & Mélanie Bernard
3D: Digital District
Sounds: Else
Head of Music and Sounds: Olivier Lefebvre
Sound producers: Fanny Mithois & Yann Levasseur
Sound Art Director: Ferdinand Huet
Sound engineer and sound designer: Alexandre Robieux
Music composition: Ludovic Bource
Media agency: MyMedia