Truepush is the world’s most preferred free push notification tool, announcing an impressive 157% customer growth supporting more than 25,000 brands worldwide.

“Truepush would like to thank its community of users of more than 25,000 brands worldwide who believed in the product and supported us on our journey.”

The year 2020 started with our customer numbers increasing day by day and many product updates. We achieved a tremendous customer growth rate of 157% from 2019 to 2020.
Along with a great kickstart to become the world’s most preferred push tool, we were facing our lows as a COVID-19 pandemic in the second quarter of 2020.

For all businesses working online, getting back to the users quickly was the order of the day. This in turn has increased the wide acceptance of our push notification tool. Currently we are sending more than 800 Mn + Notifications daily. The increased adoption of the tool contributed to the company’s growth and customers, but handling it on such a large scale became a problem.

Our customers have supported us because we believe in providing the best service. We were back there and everything started to fit together with the extraordinary growth team in action and developments on the technical side. In 2019 we broadcast 4,065,832,532 (4 billion +) Notifications, and we’ll give delivery in 2021 92,489,484,301 (92 billion +) Notifications in a year.

Truepush Push Notification Awards in 2020

Truepush has received several awards this year 2020, which indicates our commitment to empowering customers and our mission to be among the top 3 push notification companies worldwide.

Truepush announces its inclusion in G2’s Top 10 Push Notifications Company in 2021.

Truepush was recognized for various categories by G2 reports in 2021

We have received various awards in the following categories:

  • High achievers, autumn 2020
  • High achievers, spring 2020
  • High achievers, summer 2020
  • High performer, winter 2021
  • High performer, Winter 2021
  • The easiest way to do business Winter 2021
  • Easiest setup, Winter 2021
  • Easiest admin awards, Winter 2021

Media platforms like The New Indian Express It also covered Truepush’s growth story and how brands were able to get the right information to the right people at the right time. Truepush has improved its Alexa ranking (India) from 3394 in 2019 to 796 in 2020, while the global rank of 33,814 in 2019 to 8070 in 2020.

What does 2021 have to offer?

Truepush would bring advanced tools to market in 2021. WordPress and Shopify plugins would appear in the first quarter of 2021. Aside from push notifications for desktop and mobile push, Truepush would start developing notifications for mobile apps. Truepush will soon hit a milestone of sending 1 billion + notifications every day, along with many major developments this year.

Truepush wishes everyone a Happy and Safe New Year! ????

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