WASHINGTON, DC – NOVEMBER 30: Christmas decorations are on display in the Cross Hall and the Blue Room … [+] of the White House on November 30, 2020 in Washington, DC. This year’s theme for the White House Christmas decorations is America the Beautiful. (Photo by Drew Angerer / Getty Images)

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On Thanksgiving weekend, First Lady Melania Trump took on the annual task of decorating the White House for the Christmas break. This happened just a week after an 18-foot Fraser fir arrived at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue in time for the holidays.

While Ms. Trump has been called out in the past for her selection of decorations with the 2017 all-white trimmings versus the Chronicles of Narnia film franchise, this year it was not the decorations but the first family in the crosshairs of Holiday Grinches.

Despite repeated calls for unity, even the decorations seemed a fair game to the critics and enemies of President Donald Trump on social media.

On the official @FLOTUS account, the First Lady shared videos of the White House decorations, writing, “During this special time of year, I am excited to share America the Beautiful and pay tribute to the Majesty of our great nation. Celebrate together we this land that we are all proud to be at home in. #WHChristmas “

Then the “reactions” began.

@ ghgrossman1 replied, “Wow, think of all the 260,000+ families who won’t be here for Christmas because your husband acted too late. All that money would have been for funerals and food for all the struggling families, children in cages, can be paid. Wow sad: “

@HorribleNasty responded in a comment appropriate to the Twitter handle: “Well it’s better than last year’s crap from red trees, but I’m glad she’s hosting the White House last Christmas. I wonder if she does Will stand by Donald while he’s in jail or get remarried to another rich old man. ”

Some social media users simply thought the time was wrong for such excess, and @ jose26_Fleming commented, “This is way too much extravagance and runway modeling in this time of extreme suffering and uncertainty. Be humble.”

At least one non-Grinch offered some positivity. @MontagueJuana replied, “Mrs. Trump, you will always be the first lady to me, along with Jackie Kennedy. You have brought grace and dignity back to the White House. I wish you a Merry Christmas!”

Ungrateful efforts

The first lady also showed class by thanking the volunteers who came to the White House to help with the decorating effort. @FLOTUS wrote, “This weekend, volunteers from all over America have come to decorate the @WhiteHouse for the holiday season. Thank you for your time, enthusiasm, and dedication to ensuring that the spirit of peace and joy the historic spaces and halls of fills the Volkshaus! #WHChristmas “

The First Lady simply thanked her and even pointed out that the White House really is “The People’s House,” but there sure have been enough Grinch-worthy answers, even to those feelings!

@THATSNOKAY offered a photo of the president on an undated photo with Playboy bunnies and the comment “What a beautiful family”.

For some, of course, the President and First Lady deserve no respect, but the question arises what kind of reaction such a post would have received had it been published about former Presidents Bill Clinton or Barrack Obama.

@ HagemisterJr also offered the thought, “Has anyone volunteered to help you pack?”

@ brattee1 suggested, “Thank god we have a real first lady in January.”

And @upstate_dog added, “On January 20, people from all over America will come together to welcome @JoeBiden to the White House for his tenure as President. We will respect his decency, integrity and honesty as he ensures that true patriotism meets the requirements historical rooms & halls of the Volkshaus! “

While such calls are noble and hopeful, it is doubtful that the whole country will come together. Not when even Christmas greetings are mocked with such bottles on social media. If someone asks why this gap is so great, perhaps the poison of these answers could serve as an answer.

When even a holiday greeting is not enough to resolve differences, there is little hope that anything else can cure the nation.