How Elisha Elbaz rules the Instagram platform

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  • The most widely used social media platform worldwide for 2020 was Instagram.
  • Elisha Elbaz from DigitalFuture has unique insights into how marketers can use the platform
  • The company recommends “Facebook Shopping” as a unique new opportunity for businesses

Instagram was the most widely used social media platform in 2020 – and had no regulatory problems in the US compared to rival Tik-tok. Dominating the Instagram and Facebook landscape in a way that is most beneficial to a brand is not an easy task. Elisha Elbaz seems to have it completely under control: after only a few months of participating in the platform, he has 100,000 followers on his Instagram account and is steadily becoming a renowned influencer and an influential personality. After that success, he has become a role model that many people seek advice on how to be successful on social media.

How it started for DigitalFuture:

Elisha’s Instagram journey began when he realized the importance of social media in building a brand. He is the founder and CEO of DigitalFuture, a full-service digital marketing agency. The company helps large companies and individuals establish their brands and promote themselves through digital marketing. Social media platforms, including Instagram, have always been a central aspect of a person’s marketing strategy.

After many months of debating whether to take the plunge and set up an Instagram account, he finally did in 2019. Looking back, Elisha admits that it was very much out of his comfort zone, but that he’s so glad he did Has seized the opportunity and pushed himself.

His Instagram handle @elishainspire is a highlight of what he wants to do through the platform. Elisha hopes to inspire people to do meaningful things by communicating directly with his audience. His Instagram feed is made up of polished portraits and adds a graphic layer to his original quotes that gives the consumer a unique experience. He elaborates the quote with profound, but easy-to-understand subtitles. He is known for original quotes like: “You don’t have to follow other people to find your own path” and “If you want people to take you seriously, you have to take yourself seriously first”.

Elisha explains the importance of content:

One of the reasons Elisha has such a large following is because its content is authentic and original. He combines snapshots of his work life and business trips around the world with pictures of his friends and family and personal hobbies like breakdancing. His images include his love of fashion, and you can see him donning a variety of classic suits in his feed. By combining all of these aspects of his everyday life, his followers can get a real sense of who he is.

After his time on Instagram, Elisha realized a few things through the platform. He now understands that the best way to promote a product is to be authentic. Audiences are no longer naive or gullible, and people’s great goal is trust.

Once someone is on your feed, you need to make sure that your images are coherent. Having a consistent pattern or theme makes it easier for users to process. The images should also be of good quality and accompanied by an appealing caption. Hopefully, if the person likes what they see, they will be converted into a follower. Another important aspect of social media is that interactions are so important. The more high-quality interactions you have, the more followers you will gain and the more trust you will build among those followers.

Growth and success always follow a logical progress:

According to Elisha, success on Instagram follows the same pattern as growing a business. You need to do hard work, dedicate yourself to growing the brand, and connecting with your audience with quality content. The ultimate goal should always be to build relationships that will last. No matter how good you find your content, you need to promote it.

Elisha has therefore implemented services in his company that help companies and individuals to expand their own Instagram presence. Elisha offers free advice on exactly what to do to grow your following and improve your Instagram feed. He hopes that the strategies he has developed will be of real value to the user and will prove to be successful. This includes practical tips and real strategies that anyone can implement. You can get this information from his company, Digital Future, where Elisha and his team of 10+ members work to help companies increase their brand awareness.

Although his Instagram seems to be one of the most aesthetic feeds on the platform, Elisha is still eager to improve his content as he learns and evolves. Keeping your audience busy is a full-time occupation and Elisha is ready to get to work. He explains that in cases where e-commerce vendors are growing audiences on a reasonable budget, the number of followers typically reaches millions as opposed to thousands.

Sizzling Hot Opportunities for 2021:

Given that Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company, Elisha believes it should be viewed as an integrated entity and has some specific tips for 2021. He says, “Facebook Shops is obviously one of the biggest hits right now. It’s a good reason to grow both your Instagram and Facebook following – and it really is time to start thinking about hiring someone who can build engagement and momentum to get a new Facebook store off the ground bring. Remember that just like Amazon storefronts, it takes time to grow into massive successful businesses, it also takes time and patience to get the most profit from Facebook and Instagram. ”

Last ball:

With search engine marketing and e-commerce focusing on image searches, reducing the need for written content, agencies like DigitalFuture advocate a unique way to build audiences and communities, and ultimately unlock new opportunities.