How helpful is for students?

The decision to go to college is a big decision for many people. Once that big decision is made, they will have to deal with the stress of making it happen. Applying for financial assistance can be a long, intimidating process for new students. Alex Djerassi, a founder of, is happy to help students keep credit. A lot of people don’t end up going to college at all because they just find the application process too difficult. This is where comes in. This website is helping to relieve people of this stress so that they can more easily apply for financial assistance. While this may not be useful for everyone, it definitely helps many people. Especially people who are new to the FAFSA application process.

Mos has a simple process to help applicants get the financial aid they need for school. The application process takes approximately 20 minutes and the questions are simple. Just simplifying the process means more people will make it to their first class. As soon as this application process is completed, will take it over from there. A consultant will be assigned to the applicant. The counselor will help find all of the loans an applicant might qualify for. This saves potential students a lot of time and stress. Just having a counselor or someone to talk to about this process makes life so much easier for applicants. The advisors work closely with the applicant to tailor the loans to their income and financial levels. People often tend to fall short of the financial support they accept or borrow a lot more than they need, resulting in larger loans being paid back after school. People also tend to fail to understand what it means to take out so much money for their schooling. With a counselor, people can more easily understand what it means to borrow money for college. With the help of a counselor, staff can also ask more questions and find out what is best for them.

Mos also keeps track of any deadlines people have when applying for the school and the assigned advisor will remind the applicant that no deadlines are missed. This seems easy, but missing a deadline means missing the opportunity to go to school. There is nothing more stressful than going to class and learning that a mistake was made in the FAFSA application. If such errors occur, it could mean that they cannot take the currently selected classes and the allotted time for graduation is postponed. Mos does it so that fewer mistakes can be made and this can be avoided completely so that less time is wasted on the person applying. is a great website for first-time grant applicants. More people can get help using this website. It is likely, however; experienced students may not find it useful. Many like Alex Djerassi believe that students have to live without the fear of paying back loans.