For e-commerce companies, Black Friday is one of the most important days of the year and planned well in advance. Black Friday is of course handled a little differently for service companies.

This year in particular, it will provide a unique environment for service companies to conduct the Black Friday sales and holidays in general.

Marketing to small business and service companies is extremely important right now. This article explains how service-minded and small businesses can take advantage of Black Friday and the upcoming holidays.

Put together service packages

Whatever your business, grouping different services together based on what customers typically attract is a great way to increase the excitement and excitement of your service offering.

People are generally drawn to pre-made packages that include the best-selling service. These package deals are attractive to both the customer and you.

For example, if you’re looking at a hair salon, creating a package that includes a slew of highlights with a signature treatment for healthier hair at a great price would be well accepted. The option to redeem both at the same time or on different dates could also be offered.

The specially organized packages create a feeling of exclusivity that most people enjoy experiencing. Limited availability can be a tempting offer to customers and a good strategy for your business on one of the busiest shopping days of the year.

Even if your business might not be an online retailer or an e-commerce company, using social media and your website in the days leading up to Black Friday is still a smart move.

Most people will be shopping online this year because of the social distancing rules. However, your service-minded business can benefit by allowing customers to “shop” online. Your social presence is critical to sharing how you work and what your services include.

Marketing your packages online can create a sense of excitement and desire. Customers select the package they want and can then book a seat or appointment at this reduced price, even if they will only be able to use it in the near future. It also gives them something to look forward to.

Add an add-on

Not only toss together different services, but also something they would not otherwise have received. This will only make the deal look even more welcoming.

Whether this is a small addition to an existing service or a bonus product that comes with the service, anything added as a “free extra” will always be appreciated.

To illustrate, imagine a hotel that puts together a package that includes a week’s stay and a day’s access to its spa. When you enjoy a free dining experience, you can immediately see how it adds to the appeal of the package.

Benefit from the coming gift season

With Christmas around the corner, gift shopping will only increase. Black Friday marks the start of fundraising season, and what better time is there to receive great offers as potential gifts?

Before Black Friday, share how your service offerings can make great gifts and introduce temporary names for the holiday season of your services. This makes for an entertaining changeover to your standard names and creates an unforgettable and festive atmosphere for customers – new and returning.

For example, a gym that offers tai chi classes might temporarily refer to them as tinsel tai chi. This would create some good, festive feelings and add a slight twist of curiosity to their existing tai chi classes. For all the fitness enthusiast you know, a couple of Tinsel Tai Chi sessions could be a great gift idea.

As a small business or service company, Black Friday can be a perfect opportunity for you to grow your sales and grow your customer base. Focus on what you offer and how you can work creatively with it to ensure a successful Black Friday.