How not to get consumed by work

People have to work to get by in life and they have to make enough money to pay the bills. Work is part of life. Shalom Lamm understands that a person has to work to get by in life. He also knows that some people work and live too much to work. It’s no fun either. A person must have a balance between his life and his work.

Lamm knows that a person must enjoy life. He has some tips to help a person live their life and not get consumed by work.

Free meeting day

A person should take a day off of their week. You shouldn’t schedule meetings and gatherings. This helps a person focus on their job and the task at hand. That way, they don’t have to worry about meeting people and not being productive. One day a week should allow a person to focus on their job so they can actually get things done.

To work from home

With COVID 19, more people are allowed to work from home. If a person has the opportunity to work from home, they should be given the opportunity. Even a day or two a week at home will benefit a person. They’ll be able to get their jobs done and save time commuting. This gives them more time to spend with their families.

Outside of the house

Once the work day is over, a person should make sure they have some time for themselves or their family. You should stop checking work email but the work phone is silent and if nothing else, enjoy a peaceful dinner with family. This gives a person the opportunity to enjoy part of their day away from the office.


Exercise is important for physical and mental wellbeing. Exercising or even walking can help entertain yourself and remove stress from your life. It will also help you remove any stress from your life and get in shape.

Family time

Shalom Lamm believes that a person should try to have some time with family each day. You should tell their family that they loved and aim to do some activity with them. This can be as simple as talking about your day. A person needs to make time for those who are most important to them. You are working to care for these people and they need to know how much they are loved. Family needs to be valued, and if a person does not, they are absent.

These are some ways a person can balance their work and life. They will be able to meet the expectations of their job and do their chores while fulfilling the needs of their family.