Since the advent of digital marketing, there has not been an event as significant as COVID-19. Not only has the pandemic dramatically affected countless lives around the world, it has also sent a shock wave through the global economy that will not stop reverberating for some time.

With most customers working remotely, and the new normal has seen a sharp drop in in-store purchases, businesses of all shapes and sizes need to adapt their digital marketing strategy to accommodate these sweeping societal changes. While modern technology has improved so much that many day-to-day tasks have been relatively uninterrupted, companies looking to attract potential customers cannot rely on the old way of doing things.

By changing your approach to outreach and lead nurturing, you can ensure that your company safely navigates these uncertain times and grows into the future. Here we look at a few areas that can produce great results for your business.

Activate your blog and social media presence

With more people spending time both at home and on their devices, there is never a better time to improve your blog and social media presence than it is during the pandemic. Many companies have already taken note of this. Social media marketers Socialbakers reported that global social advertising spending increased 26.2% in the second quarter of 2020.

You should be extra careful with your messages, however, as appearing to be benefiting from the crisis is undoubtedly a bad look for your business. According to the latest research, around 50% of consumers are in favor of non-COVID-19 advertising.

While this number doesn’t mean you need to stop advertising, it does show how carefully your content creation needs to be considered. With this in mind, always lead with messages that express compassion and understanding for the current global situation. Customers are quick to post negative feedback if you get the tone wrong. So make sure to keep track of your social media presence during the campaigns.

If you don’t want to directly promote your products during this complicated time, you can still use your blog and social media pages to attract potential customers. For example, you can generate content that contains helpful tips on how to deal with the crisis. This approach is particularly supported by consumers. 89% are in favor of brands posting practical information about coronavirus.

Another approach that many companies have found successful is promoting key community initiatives. This is a smart way to spread positive brand awareness, build your reputation, and do something good for the wider community at the same time. Since the beginning of the pandemic, mission-based marketing campaigns have increased 42%.

Revise your marketing strategy


In addition to your blog and social media profiles, your company should focus its marketing strategy on areas that make sense to consumers. For example, right now in most parts of the world it is simply not possible to host fascinating seminars or networking events. But that doesn’t mean that all is lost.

It is possible to retain your target market by making some creative adjustments to your current marketing strategy. If you make the most of live streaming, video conferencing, and instant messaging, they can actually benefit your business in the long run.

Given the example above, webinars are the perfect substitute for in-person events. By developing a fascinating format that encourages people to participate and interact with each other online, you can build a dedicated community and grow your following. Webinars are also the perfect reason to keep consumers informed about your business through regular email campaigns.

Imaginative companies also create eBooks, training courses, and in-depth guides to help customers think about their brands. These relatively cheap forms of content marketing encourage customers to learn more about your business and build name awareness.

While many consumers remain concerned about their future, providing accessible information about how to get started in your industry has also proven successful. By taking a look behind the scenes of your industry, your company shows its transparent and welcoming attitude.

Focus on SEO

SEO-as-one-of-the-core principles of digital marketing

SEO has long been one of the cornerstones of digital marketing. However, the onset of COVID-19 only made the strategy even more powerful for companies looking to reach new customers. With brick and mortar stores all over the world closed or greatly reduced, customers have quickly turned their attention to online purchases.

While some people used to occasionally order items online, consumers are now actively using e-commerce to dodge the crowds and purchase everything from recreational items to essentials. This immense shift is reflected in the data. Almost every second consumer increases their online purchases during the pandemic.

Because of these market changes, getting to the search engine results page is more important than ever. To stand out from the competition online, your business likely needs a cohesive SEO plan backed by compelling content marketing, website performance, and in-depth customer analytics.

However, there are some easy changes to implement to instantly improve your digital presence. If you run a business with regular working hours, make sure that these hours are clearly visible on your website and on your social media profiles to keep customers informed. Don’t forget to also update your Google My Business page with the latest information.

During the pandemic, consumers will have real concerns about how your business is doing. Create a comprehensive FAQ to address general concerns about shipping, inventory, and other issues. Customers will appreciate the clarity and you won’t be inundated with the same questions over and over again.

A robust international SEO strategy is a great way to ensure your business is reaching customers with an appropriate marketing campaign. In the meantime, Google has also released new ways for companies to keep their customers updated in search results, including special COVID-19 announcements and additional details about canceled, postponed or virtual events.

With large sections of the workforce having to work remotely for the foreseeable future, making sure your SEO strategy is running at its peak will give your business an edge. Choose a top-notch team to run your campaign and reach high quality prospects.

Responsive paid media campaigns

Impact paid media campaigns

In our current uncertain circumstances, many companies have or are considering cutting back on their investment in paid media. However, if your business is still generating income, there are a few different ways to ensure your marketing gets even more impactful.

As COVID-19 regulations change depending on the location of your target market, you should ensure that your paid media is relevant to the specific situation of your target market. With some countries reopening offices and brick-and-mortar stores, people from other regions could be at home in the coming months. Keep this in mind when targeting a new campaign.

It is also an extremely important time to think about your strategy and decide whether it makes sense for customers to receive it. Do a thorough review of your ad copy and make sure the message and tone are appropriate. Sending a poorly worded advertisement at a time like this could prove to be devastating to your reputation.

You’ll also want to review your analytics on how customers are using their devices. It’s no secret that mobile searches have outperformed desktop searches for a number of years. But if your customers aren’t commuting and are now taking lunch breaks at home, are they still using their smartphones to search and shop? Assess your analysis and decide if you need to change your tactics.

COVID-19 has worried virtually every business, but a strategic digital marketing campaign that is responsive to the current global landscape will ensure you keep reaching customers. Contact the experts at First Page Digital and secure your company.