How to use social media to connect while following social distancing

We have read about how social media distanced people for years, but with the current pandemic scenario, this has actually become the need of the hour. It is not easy to go out or stay away from friends and family, even in this social media era where you are practically connected to everyone. Studies have shown that people become more and more anxious and stressed out because they are unsure of their future. If they stay away from loved ones, the mental health of many people is seriously affected.

You should thank your stars for being part of a generation that is technologically advanced enough to allow you to virtually interact with anyone around the world. Even older generations who weren’t tech-savvy have adopted this model to keep in touch with their children and their peers.

We’ll help you stay connected with the world by suggesting some social media interaction techniques to help you be sane.

1. Meet your family:

Almost all social media apps offer video chat to connect with your friends and family. Group chat is the best way to talk to a group of people while enjoying a coffee or a drink. When you are unable to speak to people, you may feel restless. This can easily be fixed with a simple video chat.

2. Schedule virtual events:

You don’t want your friends to miss your child’s 1st birthday party or your wife’s surprise party. You can do all of this online by connecting with people and hosting a social media event. Your friends may not be physically present, but connecting with multiple friends and hosting a virtual party comes as a good surprise even during the social distancing stage that your wife will love.

3. Attend live parties or concerts:

We’re talking about attending major events that have been canceled due to the pandemic. Artists around the world host online events to entertain the public. If you want to enjoy such events, you can very well attend these live parties, which are as fun as possible.

4. Have a virtual movie night:

Do you remember movie nights with friends and popcorn? Well, that seems like a distant dream now as calling people home is no longer a safe opinion. Did you know that Netflix lets you arrange a personal movie night with friends who have their own Netflix subscription? The stream can be synced between all devices by simply downloading a browser extension. There is also a built-in chat function for communication while the movie is playing. How cool is that

Conclusion: you are not alone:

This is probably the first time in years that most of the world has stopped functioning normally, and it is not easy to live our lives that way. People these days are slowly getting out and being cautious because it is almost impossible for most of us to be locked in our homes. You can always use the ideas above to get in touch with people. However, if you fancy some rest, you can check out Escape Room Atlanta which is not only fun but also safe as you are only with your own friends and mates and they also sanitize their rooms after every game.

Keeping social distance is in the best interest of you and your family, but remember to keep in touch with people as this is the only way to move forward during these troubled times.