Importance of cloud hosting for social media marketing

Marketers face wonderful new opportunities in 2020. Unfortunately, they also have difficulty facing a wide variety of challenges. PPC costs have been rising for years. According to data from WordStream, the average CPC across all industries is $ 2.69. This is a remarkable increase compared to a few years ago.

Rising advertising costs have made marketing funnels that depend on organic traffic more attractive. In a number of industries, social media marketing can achieve a higher ROI than PPC or media buying in the long term.

However, social media marketers can encounter unexpected roadblocks in the early stages of their campaigns. You need to invest in the right tools and technology to implement successful strategies. Cloud hosting is especially important for social media marketers.

Companies are expected to spend $ 623 billion buying public cloud services in 2023, underscoring its benefits. However, marketers need to make sure they are buying the right cloud hosting plan, as features vary significantly between providers. Neil Patel has a great web hosting company review on his website. He rated seven of the top hosting providers based on three key factors: speed, availability, and customer service. Because Patel has a great reputation for thoroughly researching the services he recommends, this article should provide a good starting point for choosing a hosting plan.

Here are some reasons social media marketers should invest in them.

Personalization of content

The personalization of content is becoming increasingly important in modern marketing. Social media marketers need to prioritize the user experience. As content personalization has been shown to improve user interaction, more and more marketers are taking advantage of it. Research from Epsilon found that 80% of customers would prefer to buy products from brands that offer personalized experiences. Another study found that 91% of customers prefer to buy from brands that offer relevant product recommendations.

Cloud hosting is important for companies that offer personalized content. ScienceDirect published a study which argued that cloud-enabled personalization is essential for software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies. Although brands with a smaller digital footprint than the average SaaS company require less bandwidth, they can still run into bottlenecks with more archaic hosting solutions.

Personalized content places a greater burden on hosting as real-time data and more complex algorithms need to be synchronized. Companies that rely on personalized content can avoid downtime and reduce website load times by choosing a reliable cloud hosting provider.

Handle larger volumes of traffic

The numbers behind social media marketing campaigns differ from search engine marketing strategies. The obvious benefit of organic search engine traffic is the lower initial cost. However, the conversion rates are also significantly lower. This means that social media marketers need to attract much larger volumes of visitors to get workable funnels.

A large volume of traffic from successful social media campaigns can easily put a strain on server hosting. When a brand doesn’t have adequate hosting to accommodate this traffic, they face huge challenges in keeping a reasonable time guarantee and ensuring that web pages load quickly enough.

This is one of the biggest advantages of cloud hosting for social media marketers. You can reliably serve large numbers of visitors if they have the right hosting plan.

Protect lead magnets and other content from server failure

Social media marketers often rely on larger types of content than those using other marketing funnels. Social media marketing strategies often rely on lead magnets like white papers or e-books to create mailing lists.

Marketing strategies based on lead magnets are more prone to server failure. If the documents are lost due to a server crash, it can be very difficult to replace them.

This is another reason why cloud hosting can be so incredibly beneficial. With a decent cloud hosting plan, all of the files on your server will be backed up regularly. There are multiple copies of it, which makes recovery a lot easier if the original file is deleted. This makes it a lot easier to restore your landing pages and lead magnets during a crash.

More options for A / B testing

Testing is one of the most important aspects of any marketing strategy. Social media marketing is no exception.

Cloud hosting gives marketers more opportunities to conduct extensive testing. You can store a lot more data and analyze it in real time. Rather than testing a limited number of variables, marketers using cloud hosting can look at key marketing elements in greater detail.

Cloud hosting offers important benefits to social media marketers

Many brands have discovered the numerous benefits of cloud hosting. Social media marketers should invest in cloud hosting plans to ensure that their website can accommodate the traffic they generate.