Celebrities like Shakira and Brie Larson are among the most prolific of Linktrees Seven Plus … [+] Millions of users worldwide.

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It turns out there are more ways to promote social justice through Instagram than posting a black square.

Australian startup Linktree was founded in 2016 in response to the grueling link in bio phenomenon stemming from Instagram’s insistence on only allowing one hyperlink per account. With users unable to include clickable hyperlinks in their posts, Linktree has become a global solution for more than 7 million previously frustrated users who want to share content outside the confines of their profile.

According to co-founder Alex Zaccaria, Linktree saw a renaissance in 2020 in facilitating voter registration and the movement for social justice around the world. Below is a question and answer with Alex Zaccaria, who founded Linktree in 2016 with his brother Anthony and co-founder Nick Humphreys.

Q: How does Linktree facilitate education about voter registration and other activist efforts?

A: When Linktree first launched in 2016, a large portion of our base consisted of Instagram users who needed a simple solution for the platform that only allowed one link in each user’s BIOS. Over the past four years we’ve seen users transform the way they use their Linktrees by completely replacing their website with our microsite, as a business card, in email signatures, and as a general aggregator to direct their online audiences to will.

More recently, we’ve seen a whopping number of users promoting activist efforts on their linktrees, e.g. For example, linking their audiences with where they can vote in person, how to get a postal vote, vote for state frequently asked questions, and more. Linktree is an easy-to-use tool that enables Internet users to connect with their entire online ecosystem. It is therefore perfect for users who want to quickly disseminate this information across multiple platforms at the same time.

Think of us as a launch pad that allows businesses, celebrities, nonprofits, and content creators of all kinds to easily target their followers to their social profiles, ecommerce stores, resources, and causes that matter most to them . When our users refer to critical information and resources, they expand the opening up of Internet users to educate themselves, take action, and make a difference.

Q: How does Linktree feel about empowering the voices, causes, and actions of those seeking justice and equality?

A: Linktree users consistently share valuable resources for the problems and causes that matter most to them, and we have always focused on helping them.

This year, celebrities, influencers, corporations, and others have taken strong stances on justice, equality, and the 2020 elections – and we were able to help some of them do it. We’ve found users across the board turning their Linktrees into social vehicles. Over 15,000 users, including Usher and Shakira, link to voter registration websites and electoral resources in addition to their regular content. Other users like Rock the Vote and When We All Vote refer to a deeper set of voting resources, including information on postal voting, early voting deadlines, email frequently asked questions, and more. We recorded over 5.1 million visits to Linktree accounts with voting links and 120,000 clicks on those websites.

In addition to expanding the number of voter registration and campaign materials for 2020, we have welcomed an influx of accounts supporting Protests and Black Lives Matter from early June, linking to anti-racism guides and reading materials, community bail funds and anti-racism organizations more Generate awareness and funding for groups and individuals making a difference. This included an increase in links for the Change.org petition calling for justice for Breonna Taylor, a fundraising page for Black Lives Matter, the BLM website, and the official George Floyd Memorial Fund on GoFundMe. Since May, 87,000 new users have signed up for BLM.

We want to help reinforce these voices and causes. For this reason, we have activated an action function for Linktree, with which a banner is added to the profiles of Linktree users, with which their visitors can find opportunities to donate, educate and participate in events in support of anti-racism. 235,000 Linktree users activated this banner, which has resulted in 4 million views and 278,000 clicks on the Linktree to date prompting users to take action.

This is something we are passionate about and we increase every chance we get. We don’t monetize new signups through upgrade campaigns as our first priority is to help these activist movements connect and grow.

Q: What role have Millennials and Gen Z played in getting social media sites like Snapchat and Instagram to encourage voter registration?

A: Almost 90% of Millennials and Gen Z use social media every day, so there is practically no better way to reach them. Just as we see an increase in Linktree users linking to voting materials, social media platforms are being equally included. All major social sites have voting banners installed on their platforms for easy information on where to vote, how to vote, and when to vote.

Brands and celebrities are also speaking out more online than ever – and when they add a register of voting links to their Linktree, they’re sending a message to an engaged and receptive audience that voting is just as important as their upcoming and new releases. As a platform that allows users to connect the dots across social networks, we are uniquely equipped to help our users identify the root causes that matter to them en masse.

Millions of voters registered to vote on social media this year. This underlines a high level of social well-being that only applies to younger generations.