Instagram guides today.


When the novelty of being able to work from home wore off in May and we were facing an indefinite period of social isolation together, Instagram launched its guides feature focusing on mental health. In the guides, originally selected authors, public figures, organizations and publishers were able to create curated collections, both from their own profiles and from the profiles of others. On Tuesday, Instagram announced that it would extend this feature to all users.

“After the introduction of guides in May, Instagram had a strong response from the community and requests for increased availability,” said a press release. “Guides are another way for the community to connect with their favorite accounts, discover new products from people they may not already be following, and take inspiration from what is on Instagram.”

The concept of guides was originally intended to target travel content, but since leaving the country for leisure is either prohibited or extremely rude to the rest of humanity, Instagram has carefully changed direction to include tips on self-sufficiency, suicide hotlines, and being black Promoting Lives Matter protests began to unfold, resources for the black community.

Screenshot of Instagram profile and instructions for mental wellbeing in black women.

Screenshot of @ r29unbothered Instagram profile and instructions for mental wellbeing aimed at black women.


TechCrunch reported on possible changes to Instagram manuals back in August, highlighting the ability for users to choose between posting a location guide, recommending your favorite places, a product guide, recommending your favorite products, or a post guide, Guides Try Now.

Guides, currently prominent on account pages usually embedded between IGTV and tagged photos, may also be featured on the Instagram store, another new feature of the app that connects developers and entrepreneurs with new customers can extension.

Linking guides to shopping gives influencers and brands plenty of room to create style guides that are linked to their IG stores so they can try to grow sales during this combined recession and pandemic.

Screenshot of @mressentialist's profile and stylish Instagram guides.

Screenshot of @mressentialist’s profile and stylish Instagram guides.


“Creators drive culture and are a great source of inspiration for the Instagram community – whether you’re shopping for the latest trends or looking to find out about a new topic or location,” the blog post reads. “We hope guides are another way for you to connect to your favorite accounts and get inspiration from the content people love on Instagram.”

In general, the goal of guides is to give users the ability to post content in longer terms that go beyond photos and videos. It’s a multimedia experience that introduces you to new content creators, lets you know the best ways to deal with fear, allows guide creators to add their own comments or tips alongside the media, and of course you keep scrolling .

One thing emerges from this expansion. Instead of driving traffic to websites and blogs run by developers or brands, Instagram wants to keep users on its platform.