You’ve probably seen it many times before – your favorite Instagram account posts a photo of something interesting and ends the label with “Link in bio to read more”.

If you have a branded Instagram account, this “link in bio” is important in drawing the Instagram audience to your website as the platform limits you to one permanent link in your profile bio.

In this post, we’ll show you how to get the most out of your link in Bio on Instagram.

Let’s begin.

What does link mean in bio?

As the name suggests, “Link in Bio” refers to the clickable URL that you can add to your profile area. Most social media platforms allow you to include a link in your bio to direct followers to your website, product page, content, or any other important page.

On platforms like Facebook and Twitter, adding a link to the home page of your website can be more than enough as you can share clickable links to individual pages, products, or content in your posts.

It’s a little different with Instagram. Accounts with more than 10,000 followers have the option to share links about their stories, but those who are still building their followers must use the single link in bio to direct followers to a product page or content. Outside of Stories Highlights, Stories links are short-lived and not ideal for any size account to highlight the top URLs that social media traffic is directed to.

Instagram’s link in bio can feel limiting if you want to highlight several important products, posts, and pages. Fortunately, there are multiple links in Bio-Tools that allow you to put all of these important link targets together and share them through a single URL. This leads to a custom landing page with all the relevant links that you want to share.

Here’s an example from Temple & Webster: The single link in the bio leads to the following landing page, which gives you quick access to content referenced in previous posts:

Link on the custom bio page for Temple & Webster

This makes the user experience much more seamless as they can easily access all of the relevant links from one place. This means you will lose fewer potential leads and traffic just because Instagram is restricting links to individual posts.

This also brings us to the ubiquitous “Link in Bio” phrasing familiar to everyone on Instagram: These landing pages allow brands to highlight their latest sales, news articles, product collections, or more in their content and still effectively link and remind everyone Target audience be sure to click this link in every relevant post. You can also manage evergreen destinations like your home page or important lead magnets while rotating other links for the latest content.

Here’s how to paste a link on your Instagram bio

It’s easy to add or update the link on your Instagram bio. You can either use the mobile app or the Instagram website on your desktop.

Follow the steps below:

1. Edit your Instagram profile

Go to your profile and tap the “Edit Profile” button.

Arrow points to the button for editing the profile on Instagram

2. Paste the URL into the Website field

In the Website field, enter the URL that you want to add to your bio.

Edit Instagram profile page with filled in url field

3. Save the changes

Tap “Done” and you’re done – you now have a link in your Instagram bio.

Link in bio tools

If you want to share links to multiple sites and products, you can also use a link in the bio tool. As mentioned earlier, this tool allows you to create a custom landing page that includes all of the links that you want to share. And you can just paste the URL of that landing page into your Instagram bio.

Here are some links to bio tools you can use:

1. Linktree

Linktree is a great option for anyone who needs an affordable link in the bio solution. The free version has pretty robust features that allow you to add unlimited links and customize them with images and icons. To unlock even more customization functions, e.g. For example, if you want to remove the Linktree logo and replace it with your own, you can purchase the Pro plan for $ 6 per month.

Here is an example of what Linktree links typically look like on bio pages:

Linktree link on the bio page with a list of links

2. Feedlink

This powerful link in EmbedSocial’s bio tool has mobile-optimized landing pages that look great on any device. Feedlink also lets you keep track of your performance by keeping track of the click statistics for each link. Combine these statistics with reports from an Instagram analytics tool for a 360-degree view of your performance. Similar to Linktree, there is a free version suitable for small accounts and additional features available on paid plans starting at $ 19 / month.

Example of a feedlink page with a photo of a woman holding flowers as a link thumbnail

3. Lnk.Bio

Lnk.Bio is also a great option as it allows you to add unlimited links with the free plan too. Paid plans that let you create custom branded URLs and schedule link updates start at $ 0.99 / month. You can use these to create custom URLs to match your branding and even schedule links.

Here is a Lnk.Bio page for the Met Museum: page for the Met Museum with a video thumbnail highlighted

See how the museum uses a custom URL on their Instagram bio that matches the branding and makes the link look even more believable.

Arrow points to the custom URL for the Met Museum's Instagram bio

How To Use The Instagram Link In Bio Effectively

Now that you know how to set up a link on the bio landing page, let’s take a look at a few ways you can use links on your Instagram bio to promote your business:

  1. Promote a current sale or upcoming discount. Send users to a page where they can access a link to the sales page. See how Adairs is promoting an ongoing sale on his Linktree page.
    Linktree page for adairs with a link for a 30% discount
  2. Hype about a product launch. Take users to a landing page that highlights the new product with your announcement event or content, or once launched, provide all the details about the product or the links to buy.
  3. Send people to a landing page or lead magnet. For example, BigCommerce shared a post with excerpts from its Cyber ​​Week Trends Report. The caption led the followers to the “Link in Bio” to get the full report.
  4. Highlight your brand, product, or cause with an “About” page. Because of the character restrictions in the Instagram bio section, linking to a page where people can learn more about your business or cause is a great idea and can quickly introduce a newer area of ​​business or product to your followers.
  5. Send followers to your best selling products. Using a link in the Bio tool also allows you to share a URL to a custom landing page that has links to multiple bestsellers.
  6. Link to a popular blog post or one of the latest articles you’ve published. Many posts use a link on the bio landing page to highlight several recent pieces of content that they mentioned on Instagram posts. You can also make a url that includes all of the articles you mentioned on Instagram. That way, people don’t have to crawl to find the ones they want to read.
  7. Include followers in a contest or giveaway. Instagram contests can be an effective way to engage existing followers and target new ones. Maximize the visibility of your advertisements by linking them in your bio.
  8. Direct people to a video or podcast that you want to promote. Similar to highlighting recent articles on your website, followers can easily access your media in longer form using the link in your bio.
  9. Offer a free sample or demo of your product. Share a link to a page where users can sign up for a free trial or demo. They become valuable leads as they fill out a form with their contact information.

Are you ready to take your link in bio to the next level?

With the right approach, adding a link in your bio can be a great way to attract quality leads and move them down the conversion funnel. Use the ideas and tips above to use this feature for your company. Don’t forget to read our Instagram Marketing Strategies Guide to find out how this fits into your overall strategy.