Your employees can improve or improve your company’s reputation. Similar to finding a vacation or restaurant with reviews online, job seekers (in addition to prospects) look to sites like Glassdoor to help make their decisions. By reading employee reviews, they will get an authentic look at the culture that drives your company.

How is this related to social media? It connects with a common goal: Employer branding. A closer look at your audience shows that the worlds of social media, recruiting and inbound marketing are intertwined. A prospect sees posts about you on social media, searches your social media timelines, and uses company pages to learn more about you. Your goal throughout this life cycle is to make a positive impression while keeping your employer brand in mind.

We’re here to help build your reputation and ultimately help you attract the right customers and attract top talent. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Glassdoor to manage your employee reviews right within Sprout. As a unique integration, you can quickly respond to Glassdoor reviews from Sprout, improve employer branding workflows, and gather insights to improve your brand’s reputation.

Faster answers affect your story

A seasoned social media manager advocates their brand beyond the “traditional” social media media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. If you only pay attention to what is being said on social channels, you are ignoring key critics: Your own employees. Is even more critical react to what they say.

Reacting quickly to positive and negative reviews also affects your company narrative. 62% of job seekers say their perception of a company improves after an employer reacts to a review. Social media managers are in the best position to act on reviews as they naturally monitor news activity in real time. By responding promptly, you show a commitment to transparency, help your employees feel heard, and can respectfully give negative reviews a different perspective.

If you’re using Sprout, you’ll see reviews when they come in along with your traditional social media messages. From there, you can act immediately or work with your team to create a brand-approved response. Adding Glassdoor alongside your other networks creates a natural checkpoint for review responses in your already established social strategy.

We’re excited to partner with Sprout by integrating Glassdoor reviews right into a social media platform that employers use daily as part of their branding strategy. This allows users of both products to listen to and respond to feedback from their employees effectively and efficiently.

Lindsey Kanefsky

Leading product division manager

Glassdoor employee reviews in Sprout

Unlock your path to more insight

Responding to Glassdoor reviews shows you are taking care of it in the short term. Careful attention and responses add to your long-term reputation. Not only do they want your employees to feel heard, but you want you to support them by taking action to say what they are saying. By summarizing and organizing the feedback, you can understand how best to improve morale and keep it high.

The combination of Glassdoor and Sprout makes it easy to uncover and organize the most important insights from your employees. You can narrow down the exact reviews you want to see by star rating, or search for reviews with a specific keyword or phrase. You will also notice trends in reviews that you want to share with other internal teams.

For example, you may see a growing number of complaints about your 401k compliance policy. Sprout lets you search through any reviews that contain “401k” and organize them with one 401k Tag and share them by email / export of these reviews. Sprout helps you find and share the informed recommendations you need to improve your brand reputation.

A collective approach simplifies your strategy

It doesn’t seem like an obvious pairing, but employer branding and social media are a powerful combination for building your brand. Responding quickly to employee reviews and making recommendations based on their feedback will have a huge impact on your brand’s reputation. By consolidating these tasks into Sprout, you have the tools to make your employer branding workflows even easier. Take your potential life cycles from start to finish with Sprout Social and Glassdoor. Instantly view your reviews by connecting your Glassdoor profile. If you are new to Sprout, you can try it for free for 30 days.