IPL – it’s that time again and we’re just as excited as you are! Yes, it’s not the same as before and we can’t cheer for our favorite teams right from the stadium, but we know our excitement hasn’t let up. The safer we are, the better, right?

Who doesn’t love a good match of cricket with some of the world’s best players and a side of it outside the box Advertising that impresses you? The marketing fever has already started with CRED doing something we never thought possible and it’s safe to say that Rahul Dravid is now a marketing sensation. To understand this landscape a little better, our Consumer Insights and Market Research team carried out a small survey. We are here to let you know that this is just the beginning.

Marketing on the IPL platform has increased since its launch in 2008 and only knows one direction – UP! In 13 seasons, various brands have used the IPL platform to engage with their consumers on a large scale. This was not only done through sponsorship, but also through specific advertising campaigns that brands created themselves using the IPL platform. According to our survey, 73% of brands consider IPL to be one of the most effective platforms for marketing their products and services.

Why is the IPL a good platform for marketing?

Since its launch in 2008, the Indian Premier League has taken the internet by storm. The whole concept of getting cities in a country to play a sport that is loved by everyone has created audiences full of love and passion for their home teams. The loyalty that this league has created has grown not just in India but around the world. How could you better market your brand? You can reach all of your target groups, from children, teenagers, adults to the elderly, on a single platform. It’s a JACKPOT!

Brands invest so much money in sponsorship that it has become one of IPL’s greatest sources of income. As a result, the league’s valuation in 2019 was 6.8 million, according to Your story. Although we saw a lot of tension in the league in 2020, it still took off. According to our survey, 90% of brands are spending their marketing budget on digital & social media marketing this IPL season. So what are you waiting for? If you haven’t already thought about it, it’s time to do it!

The IPL network is worth Rs. 47,500 crores and its brand value will only grow at a rate of 13.5% from 2019. Brands are investing a large chunk of their budget on marketing this season, with some spending Rs. 50 lakhs and more. Not only do they spend a lot of money, they also increase their budget every year. 63% of brands have increased their budget for digital marketing this year compared to 2020.

Which digital platforms for IPL marketing?

We have different platforms on which we can advertise from Instagram and Facebook to Twitter and YouTube. However, before we get started with which platforms, you need to be sure of one thing: who are you marketing to? Your key demographic role plays an important role in choosing your ideal advertising platform. After that, choose a platform that is relevant to the content, but make sure you don’t expand into too many platforms. It’s always good to stick to quality rather than quantity.

Facebook is definitely a platform of choice even if it’s not the newest or the most interesting. With over 2 billion active users per month, it is one of the largest advertising platforms. This, followed by Instagram with over 1 billion monthly active users, is the best way to reach a younger audience. According to the survey conducted by Social Beat, 46% of brands are advertising on Instagram during this IPL season. Twitter and YouTube are two other platforms that are great for IPL marketing and engaging with your audience.

What do brands want to achieve through IPL marketing?

There are several goals a brand wants to achieve when marketing on digital platforms. They range from notoriety, branding to sales and product launches. When we conducted our survey, we found that during the IPL season, 57% only aim to brand their products and services, while 22% give priority to product awareness. A small percentage of the corporate industry see this as a sales or product launch platform for their company.

Brands that made the most of IPL


I GUESS is a loan bill payment platform known for its creative advertising. Their most anticipated and recent IPL campaign blew every cricket fan, cricketer and marketer. They unleashed a page of Rahul Dravid that we wouldn’t even have thought of and this has taken the internet by storm. The instant tweets of cricketers and the memes many different brands made on the advertisement made this campaign a tremendous success. The instant recognition and fame shows that IPL is the right platform to gain undue awareness and reach.


Golf oil India is a leading automotive lubricant brand in the Indian lubricant industry. They began their partnership with the legendary Chennai Super Kings IPL team in 2011 and have been strong ever since. Your recent ad on MS Dhoni features an interesting conversation between a young dhoni and the current dhoni, and fans love it because what’s better than a Captain Cool? Two! For Gulf Oil, cricket is not just a sport, but an emotion, and it is because of this that they have captured the heart of every Indian.


The Indian Premier League itself put out an interesting ad to promote the league and teach us an important lesson. In their latest ad with Captain Cool aka MS Dhoni taking on the avatar of a monk, VIVO IPL wants to show that India now has a new mantra for success. In the ad, MS Dhoni teaches his students how greed is not a bad thing when pursued in the right interest. Give an example of Mumbai Indian captain Rohit Sharma and how the team has won the league five times.


As mentioned earlier, CRED is a loan bill payment platform known for their creative advertising, and they have proudly held that reputation. In addition to their previous ad on Jim Sarbh & Rahul Dravid, they have created another eye-catching ad featuring Jim Sarbh & Jackie Shroff. CRED reveals a little secret to the audience about its platform for paying credit bills, as well as Jackie’s secret to staying fit – ZUMBA! Are you talking about how to get a customer’s attention right?

Following the CRED ad viral with Rahul Dravid, Magicpin found a way to troll the brand by creating a parody of their ad that highlighted some interesting points. It is true that all things have a positive and negative side, and Magicpin is spot on! The display is a perfect contrast to the CRED display and was brilliantly done by Vijay Raaz to find out how down to earth Magicpin is.

The Indian Premier League 2021 has just started and we are already seeing some super innovative ads from brands across India. We are excited to see what more of them are in stock. Our little poll showed us that the Indian Premier League is a dream land for marketers and we are sure to get lost in it!