Millions of professionals around the world are already using LinkedIn, but one feature that is still in beta and very few influencers have access to is LinkedIn Live. LinkedIn Live is LinkedIn’s live streaming option that focuses on business content and intelligent conversation.

Unlike Facebook Live, where anyone can live stream pretty much anything, LinkedIn Live differs in its trusted environment and platform, which is specifically designed for a professional audience. This allows the live host to reach a target audience specifically interested in the content and information they are sharing.

One of the great parts of the platform is how you can interact with the followers who are watching the stream. Your ability to think quickly, have interesting conversations, and develop a situation that encourages engagement are keys to a successful life.

For Ahmad Imam, co-host of LinkedIn’s first TV show, Level Up TV, LinkedIn Live innovator and prolific content creator, the first driver his brand was faced with was educating and inspiring entrepreneurs and a strong and powerful one deliberately branding to create knock-out content so it can reach more people and build closer relationships – which ultimately leads to sales and growth. Ahmad has a background working with speakers like Tony Robbins, Gary Vaynerchuk, Sir Richard Branson and Robert Kiyosaki and uses LinkedIn Lives to focus on creating content that enables entrepreneurs to really make an impact on their business, their lives and take her family.

Ahmad, along with Level Up TV co-host Michael Lane – director of Success Resources, a global educational seminar company – has now reached over 200,000 people on LinkedIn Live and received more than 20,000 comments from over 60 countries around the world .

According to Lane, “The global pandemic accelerated the digitization of our education business. Before reaching our audiences through live in-person events, we found that streaming the show Level Up TV live was a wonderful way to deliver education and engage our audience in Take.” Ask questions in real time and interact with them in a meaningful way. “

You may be wondering where to start finding the perfect LinkedIn live messaging for your brand. There are three ways you can use LinkedIn Live as part of your branding strategy.

1. Thoughts

To give your strategy a boost and give your brand clout, it is important to position yourself as a thought leader in the industry. You can do this on LinkedIn Live to discuss current events relevant to your brand or host a group of thought industry thought leaders to talk to you about trends and issues others in the industry may face. On the contrary, open up to participate in similar panels with other thought leaders to reach more viewers.

2. Present your expertise

It is critical to your success that you position yourself as an authority within the industry in which your brand is based. Using this as part of your marketing strategy will be a great way to prove your expertise by providing viewers with tips, tricks, and advice on navigating relevant topics based on their interests and your target market. Do you need ideas on what to talk about? Check out other blogs or articles you’ve written and use them on LinkedIn Live.

3. Product and partner placement

LinkedIn Live is a great platform to announce a new partnership or brand new product. When announcing a partnership, bring in representatives from both sides and discuss how the partnership will be beneficial to your target audience. Then, ask your followers for instant feedback and questions to make sure they understand what this partnership means to them. When you launch a new product, live streaming is a great way to demonstrate the usefulness of your product and get real-time feedback from your audience. Plus, you can instantly answer questions and instantly learn what your market thinks while promoting your product to a wide audience.

Presenting it on your personal LinkedIn page or in your company’s profile gives you the potential to have a significant impact on your marketing strategy. Recent research shows that LinkedIn Live users get seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments than users who rely on standard video. Whether you want to use LinkedIn Live to promote your personal brand or your company’s brand, or to gain insight into a specific industry, the livestream platform allows you to control what users think about you and your brand should know. To apply to be a LinkedIn Live broadcaster, follow this link.

Imam believes, “There is nothing like a livestream to break down barriers and really close the gap between you and your audience. It’s far more powerful and engaging than regular feed content, and far more authentic too. You can’t edit a live stream or edit it with Photoshop, it’s just you, the camera and your audience and there is something very intimate and real about that. As a result, you will find that not only does this help build your brand, but most importantly, builds trust. ”

Ahmad and Michael broadcast weekly – on LinkedIn Live and Level UP TV. You can listen to success stories about improving your life and business, learn how to produce content specifically for social media, and create connections and joint ventures that will help your business thrive and grow. Check out the show and other LinkedIn live shows by searching the platform with the hashtag #LinkedInLive.