Top corporate security threats to avoid on social media

There are a variety of ways to share information that affects your security on your social media accounts. However, these problems get even worse when the errors start appearing on your business accounts. It is important that your accounts are protected, otherwise your business can achieve great success. Here are the top security threats you should know and avoid.

Social scams and phishing attacks

Social and phishing scams usually aim to have unsuspecting targets click links and enter details. You may be providing the wrong incentive to do so. Hence, it is important to be vigilant and realize when you are faced with something that is actually a scam.

Don’t click on unwanted links that you’re not sure about, and don’t provide any details after clicking a link, even if it looks pretty legitimate on the surface. This will give them your login details and other information.

Malicious apps

There are many malicious apps out there on social media and the internet in general. You almost certainly encountered them in some way, even if you didn’t realize it. However, some are more sinister than others.

For example, spyware can actively log your actions and collect your personal data. It can also spam you with ads that you don’t want to see. Because of this, you need to be extra careful before clicking and disclosing sensitive information.

Human error

It is all too common for people to accidentally share posts that they left for their personal accounts on Company accounts. Often times this is just a human error, but in some cases it can also lead to fraud and attack. Human error can take many forms. Establishing company policies on when and how often to access the social media account is key to ensuring employees don’t make these mistakes.

Malware attacks and hackers

Malware hackers can access your website and digital records for ransom or simply steal and sell valuable data. Unless you have safeguards in place to prevent malware attacks, there are very specific ways you can be attacked and your organization threatened. One way to avoid these issues is to hire the right MSP who can run penetration tests so that vulnerabilities can be found and fixed.


Consider taking security measures for your company’s social media accounts on how to avoid these mistakes, or at least reduce their frequency. The first thing to consider is cybersecurity awareness training for your employees. This will teach them what they need to know to trade safely. Additionally, you should establish social media guidelines that employees must follow.

It’s also important to limit who can access your social media account and how much access to it. It’s easier to keep control of your social media channels and how they are used when you know exactly who is accessing them and how. It’s also important to make sure that your technology is as secure as possible.