The mapping of multi-touch marketing is an essential practice for any good marketer. It provides a complete picture of the customer journey, as well as information on where the marketing spend is going and the ROI for different channels and programs. But I wanted to learn more about their personal experiences with managing marketing attribution and learn about it directly from individuals in our marketing community.

I started looking for someone with extensive experience in marketing automation and measurement who could guide me through key marketing attribution challenges. I wanted to choose someone who had worked with measurement and reporting on many different marketing automation cases.

About Ajay Sarpal

Ajay Sarpal has a proven record of marketing attribution. He heads the Bizible User Group and has extensive experience both in-house and as a marketing automation consultant. So I sat down (virtually) with Ajay Sarpal, Marketo Champion of 2020, to discuss the challenges of marketing attribution and how he has approached them during his 20 years of experience. Sarpal is a marketer with both corporate and consultancy experience. He is also a 2x Marketo Champion, 5x Marketo Certified Expert, has completed 9 advanced specialties in Marketing Automation, and is one of Fearless’ top 50 marketers.

The challenges his customers face is exciting to deal with and he had a lot to say on the subject. In the interview, we covered some of the key topics marketers are facing today: key marketing assignment challenges, demonstrating the ROI of marketing channels, visualizing the customer journey, and improving the alignment of marketing and sales.

Question: What are the biggest challenges in marketing attribution?

A. “A lot of marketers don’t know which channels are generating the most revenue. Therefore, they qualify employees for soft metrics such as opening an email three or five times. Second, they don’t follow any process or best practices regarding attribution. With these issues, lead sales can be of poor quality, which frustrates them [sales]. It harms the relationship between marketing and sales. “A lot of marketers aren’t even aware that they can solve these challenges – especially by demonstrating ROI.”

Question: How can marketers start getting a ROI?

A. “Marketers need to evaluate what tools they are using and how they are working with their tech stack. Some tools work better than others. Marketing also needs to involve the sales actors in order to get proper access to Sales CRM and understand the environment (processes). “

Question: How can marketers visualize the customer journey?

A. “The marketing assignment has different points of contact – like the first and the last touch. However, Bizible allows you to capture all of your touch points. There is a proprietary technology in Bizible that allows this data to be captured and tied back to Salesforce. “

Question: How can marketing and sales communicate better?

A. “If we want to combine marketing and sales, marketers need to speak the language of sales. We need to add dollar values ​​to what we quote, we need to talk about sales and speed (time to convert a lead into a deal). We need to talk about schedules. “

Marketers face huge challenges when it comes to demonstrating the ROI of their activities and Bizible’s marketing allocation is here to help. If you want to accurately capture and measure your marketing activities, you need to implement a marketing attribution solution that can grow with your business. Further information on multi-touch assignment can be found in the Bizible user group or directly from one of our experts at Bizible.

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