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Matt Bacak Email Marketing | Ultimate Package for Beginners

Jul 23

Matt Bacak Email Marketing | Ultimate Package for Beginners




If someone has no list what advice would you give them in order to get started you know the big thing is is i think first of all anybody getting started the most important thing is finding a hungry market like if you don't have a hungry market then what's good is anything um is it's very important and you've got to find an irresistible offer too because you got to make money i mean really then today you got to make some money so um if you find a hungry market people that are hungry um and then you have a you know an irresistible offer i mean you can't go wrong and so that's one of the big things that i'm doing so one thing i'm doing today which i wasn't doing back in 2005 or i'd never really mentioned in 2005 is because i just didn't ever think about it is you know if i have an irresistible offer a lot of times what i'm doing is i'm creating my opt-in page my pre-frame pages from my opt-in page as is as if it's kind of a pre-frame page to that irresistible offer where if if that offer is so irresistible i can say a few words on a page to get people to often give me email address just to land on that page and that's one of the big things that i'm doing now and it's it's creating so many sales it's creating so much so much money and the cool thing is for people out there that are beginning or new i mean there are tons areas of offers that are called affiliate programs.

We don't know that those are um that you can sign up for so you don't even have a irresistible offer yourself other people can have them they're already ready they're already all you got to do is sign up get an affiliate link and you're good to go and so um you know then all you got to do is create the opt-in page which has always been um you know kind of around that to kind of frame that so that you can uh when people opt in they can see it you can make more money and it's a great way to think about it um it's a great way that i i mean that i do it is is that because if that front page they opt into frames that that viewers offer they want to they want to get um one they're gonna give you email address for it two you're gonna make money yeah exactly and i think i think the the the hardest thing for a new person to understand.

Is it's it's i think it's so important about the irresistible offer right and if you don't have 20 years experience you know someone else's offer like a lot of a lot of people i talk to they somehow think that they want to just make money online um it kind of like without giving anything up first and i was just thinking about that imagine you're going like i'm a piano player imagine if i went out there on stage and i took off my hat and i was asking everyone to throw a 20 bill in my hat before i even played a note right that's that's the attitude and newbies oftentimes have when it comes to email marketing and what happened what i you know what i mean yeah you basically ask for tips after you played a few songs right that's funny yeah i mean it's so true too so what i what i think what people have to understand is that this particular book offer i mean i i would i actually wanted to ask you this question how did you come up with five dollars and sixty cents is that is that is that like that's like a latte i mean you gave a thousand dollars of value for for the price of a latte really and that was our intention um our intention doesn't make it an absolute no-brainer and it's still a video that was the whole thing is so first of all one thing is 

I know anybody that has a burning desire to even get in the business um i wanted to be irresistible i wanted to be in here it was offered to them that's really what i just said is like you know i wanted to be that here is a small offer that somebody was like man you know like this is just a no-brainer this is a steal of a deal you know i'm getting it for a crazy discount um and you know and then when you get it i want you to go holy crap i can't believe this you know because at the end of the day if you got something for 5.60 i mean imagine when i give you 5 000 you know like that um but but but the bigger point is is that you know there's a couple things your ears just make an engineer resist offer it was a big thing to me um and making sure that those people that hungry crowd um you know knew it and two that i can bring the perfect customer the perfect person into my life i love that i love you!

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