The State Department asks Richart Ruddie for help in restoring the online image

All sectors of the world economy have been shaken by the far-reaching effects of COVID-19, and global travel has not been spared either. To restore safe cross-border travel, numerous foreign ministries and tourism associations have turned to public relations expert Richart Ruddie to help market their countries as viable and safe places to visit.

The decline in tourist numbers and the loss of livelihoods caused by the COVID-19 pandemic have severely impacted the hospitality industry, with international travel bearing the greatest brunt.

The State Department of one of the largest Asian countries turned to entrepreneur and digital marketing expert Richart Ruddie in 2020 to promote the image of safety in the wave of the pandemic, while countries like the US struggled to maintain a safe image for both residents and visitors. Up to the task, Ruddie helped potential travelers know they can find a safe and well-equipped place to handle an outbreak while also finding fascinating ways to promote positive search results for those who are in the country of his Research customers.

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Ruddie and his team of profile defenders ensured travelers had all the necessary information about the safety of their destination while working to stop historical misinformation. Ruddie is a South Florida-based entrepreneur who has founded numerous brand and reputation agencies over the past decade. One of them specializes in these kind of creative solutions that solve Google auto-complete problems behind the scenes and promote results that its customers use to downgrade or delete fake news articles, fake scandal and fraud allegations, or other fraudulent search results that their business want to see may want to delete from search results and social media.

Other countries have since taken note of this and have since turned to Ruddie and his renowned company to build up a picture of security and trustworthiness and to attract tourists again. The press also notes the European island of Malta covering the story, Munich, Germany and Irish Central. Germany referred to Ruddie as the “Ray Donovan of the Internet”, a modern fixer of search results and a cleanup of search results behind the scenes.

Regarding his success and leadership skills, Ruddie says, “It was important to make sure the State Department I work with is maintaining the highest standards to keep citizens and visitors as safe as possible.” This is key to recovery of broken trust in global travel to important countries.

How can countries attract more visitors after the pandemic?

The best way countries can attract more visitors to their countries is through innovation and creativity. Finding new ways to attract travelers that allow them to feel safe and secure will encourage more tourists to come forward.

Honest and transparent communication is also a great way to build trust between countries and potential visitors. The information provided must be accurate in order to cement the bond between travelers and the country of their destination.

Ruddie employs a unique digital marketing strategy using Google marketing techniques. The feature displays popups for customers who rely on the keywords and phrases used. Suppose someone wants to visit a country with a tropical climate and beaches. In this case, Google Autocomplete uses this as a search basis and brings up solutions such as Bora Bora, the Maldives, Hawaii, the Caribbean islands or one of Ruddie’s customers.

The function also directs you to articles and journalistic press releases listing the places to visit and their offers. It also explains why it is safe to visit these countries. Government transparency plays a crucial role in this area. Richart uses his expertise to use the characteristics of the countries in their favor. This marketing strategy is based on transparency and carries the truth that tourists can see while highlighting a country’s best features.

Countries should constantly try to update their health and safety processes to make sure they are up to date, even if the World Health Organization wears down a bit to find that they have not updated their travel arrangements here since April 2020. Ruddie’s plan can only help countries move forward if they protect the public and are aware that travel is now safe and all health requirements related to the pandemic are well met. If countries don’t protect their visitors and citizens, they won’t become customers.

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The vision of the well-known digital marketer and entrepreneur is to see leadership at a time when it is most urgently needed for countries, heads of government, MOFA and tourism boards to educate the public about the dangers and safety of visiting their country. Ruddie, who has been in business for over a decade and has taken extraordinary steps in the digital marketing space, says he has seen numerous companies come and go that haven’t properly met their customers, and tourism is no different for a country. Its straightforward marketing methods help businesses generate positive content and search results that will have an impact on where you want to go. You just don’t know yet.