Mars Wrigley announced today that M & Ms will return to the Super Bowl with a 30-second seat in 2021.

The chocolate candy brand suspended the Super Bowl 2020, but parent company Mars Wrigley has consistently promoted the Super Bowl for the past 10 years, switching brands like Snickers and Skittles in addition to M & Ms. This year marks M & Ms’ sixth trip to the big game in a decade.

Last year, Snickers ran a commercial with the world’s largest candy bar that a group of benefactors tried to bring down to earth to fix things. (Given that this stunt took place in early 2020, maybe we can conclude that our planet is allergic to candy bars or something? Anyway, it doesn’t seem to have worked.)

In 2018, M & Ms tipped Danny DeVito to return to the Super Bowl after a three-year hiatus. The next year, Christina Applegate joined the M&Ms speaker candy for Bad Passengers, a commercial that highlighted the brand’s range of candy bars. M & Ms worked with BBDO New York for both ads and will continue to work with the agency for their 2021 spot.

So far, the brand hasn’t announced whether a celebrity will join their personalized chocolates for the 2021 spot, which will run during the first commercial break after kick-off.