The sweet treat brand My / Mo Mochi is based on a legendary mad scientist and his classic monster and cuts their products into pieces and puts them back together in strange mashups for a Halloween promotion.

In a similar competition, a coffin cooler called a “FrankenFreezer” is given away, filled with ice and decorated with creepy ingredients.

The “FrankenFlavor” campaign is a Halloween premiere for the fast-growing Los Angeles-based company that already has a track record of introducing programs with word games and freedom with language (Portmanteaus in its marketing mix include ” Desquishious “,” Snackisfied “)” And “stunning”).

According to Russell Barnett, general manager and CMO, advertising seemed like an obvious move based on consumer insights. The My / Mo fan base has a keen interest in cosplay, anime, video games, and other inventive activities.

“We felt it was very relevant, not enforced and a natural evolution for us to continue using the brand voice visually,” he said. “We’re not allowed to talk about specific holidays, but that felt right.”

In other words, just sneak it real.

And the current state of affairs, with most of October’s events being canceled like trick or treating, almost cries out for distraction, he said.

“Moments of joy are hard to find these days,” said Barnett. “We want to fulfill our purpose, namely play and escape.”

Quite a number of companies are active around Halloween this year, well beyond the endemic categories like candy, party supplies, and alcohol. Brands like Samsung, Airbnb and Burger King are all set for the vacation, while even a popular voting video parodied the classic horror film Scream to a hair-raising effect.

A creepy version of the competitor's mascot appears in the restaurant's bathroom mirrors.

My / Mo’s colorful Instagram feed is at the heart of the promo, where consumers can find 18 mashups of the brand’s rice batter-coated ice cream balls. Take a screenshot of a favorite Frankenflavor, highlight the brand and possibly win the freezer and a year worth of product. (“Coffin Freezer” is a real tool, by the way, and refers to the freestanding coolers that can be found in many retailers. It just worked perfectly for a Halloween program).

Those strange combinations could show up in future limited-time products, Barnett said, depending on consumer reaction.

In addition to the main prize, 30 fans will win a three-month supply of ice cream. The campaign, which starts on Thursday and runs until Saturday, comes from the internal My / Mo team with the support of the London agency Lovers + OK Cool.

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