Mojo: Take Your Social Media Content To The Next Level

from Adam

Social media platforms are saturated with content these days, and it’s more important – yet more difficult – than ever to get attention to your own content by standing out from the crowd. It would be nearly impossible to calculate exactly how many posts are being submitted on different platforms every day. However, the use of social media is growing exponentially for both personal and business use. In the face of this growth, each sector is increasingly populated by businesses and individuals trying to spark consumer interest. It is now imperative that content be of the highest quality, instantly eye-catching, engaging, and interesting. Consumers have so much choice and so they need to have a clear reason to choose you. Creativity and ingenuity are fundamental to success, but the freedom of platforms can feel both restrictive and suffocating. With the Mojo appyou can take your social media content above the norm with their innovative designs and templates. Although Mojo is designed as an app, it can be an invaluable tool for your business when it comes to driving user engagement.

Every social media platform has its primary, if by no means exclusive, target group (LinkedIn, for example, is mainly intended for a “business to business”), but Instagram is uniquely placed. The platform is powered solely by visual content and is organically one of the most attractive to users. As one of the world’s most popular platforms, advertisers and businesses are constantly turning to Instagram because of their recognition of the trapped audience that, by and large, is exploring content outside of their own social group. Instagram’s user demographics also make it as valuable a network as the age groups who use it frequently and most often between 18 and 44, with 60% checking the app at least once a day. The story feature is one of the most notable developments on the platform since it was created a decade ago in 2010 – An estimated 80% of the activities take place on Instagram stories – is therefore an important aspect for the creation of content. Ironically, with the increasing use of Facebook Stories, the story platform obviously doesn’t last for just twenty-four hours.

Mojo is an app that allows you to create professional-standard social stories that are optimized for mobile use and can be published directly on any social platform. The app is designed to create eye-catching content that will help your posts stand out from the crowd and keep users entertained with fluid design and unique style. Just add your pictures or videos to Mojo’s templates and produce a product that is really different from any other Instagram story. Mojo has hundreds of templates to choose from, and adds new formats and text styles every month. Unlike creating stories with the Instagram app, Mojo lets you customize finer details: you can add music, animated backgrounds, custom logos, stickers, text effects, and edit the timing of the graphics, change the colors or change the format. Once you’ve installed the app, you can dive right in and breathe new life into your content.

However, if you still want to improve the quality of your content, Mojo Pro allows you to access the app’s advanced features. If you want to be a sophisticated storyteller and want to use Instagram stories to get your business and brand across, Mojo Pro is for you. While the free version of the app offers a variety of templates, the full version of the app offers access to the entire catalog of story templates. Most important for a business is that the Pro version of the app lets you import your own fonts and colors. Creating synergies with your brand and your content is fundamental to any business. Plus, you can insert and animate your logo, which will further reinforce your branding in your Instagram story content. Mojo Pro makes it easy to adapt content to different formats: square, scenic or optimized for a social media feed. With no long-term commitments and the freedom to opt out of the premium model at any time, the price is £ 19.99 per year or £ 4.99 per month. With other social networks adopting the story format now common on both Twitter and LinkedIn, its popularity will only continue to grow – and Mojo can be the tool to help your business grow.