A must have Facebook marketing strategy for your ecommerce business

How can your brand thrive on Facebook? The social media site is your best way to market your business. According to a recent study, Facebook achieves the best ROI.

So you’ve done your research and you know exactly how to use Facebook for ecommerce marketing.

But how do you know which Facebook strategies are right for you? What content should you share? How often should you post? And how do you get people to like them and then buy from your website?

If you’ve been trying to find the ultimate guide to ecommerce marketing, here are five must-have marketing tactics for using Facebook for ecommerce.

  1. Create different Facebook pages for different audiences

Your Facebook page is your face on the social website. Potential customers visit here to learn more about your company. It should come as no surprise that multiple Facebook Pages can boost sales. If you create different groups for customer groups, you can customize the content so that it is specifically tailored to these groups.

  1. Create unique, innovative and humorous content

Having a catchy, attractive logo and tagline for your business will go a long way in promoting your branding efforts. Creativity is also one of the most important requirements when it comes to Facebook marketing. Creativity helps you come up with great ideas for your Facebook marketing campaigns. However, the creative content you develop needs to be relevant to your main product to get a lot of engagement. Also, try to create content that is inspirational yet fun to increase the chances of your page going viral.

  1. Use high quality images in your ads

If you want to stand out from the competition in your ecommerce business, make sure you always use stunning images in your Facebook ads. There are certain important guidelines that you should follow when choosing images for your ads.

For starters, the images should be eye-catching, bright, and full of colors. Avoid images that are the same colors as Facebook [white and blue] as they blend in easily and make it difficult for users to notice. Be sure to take pictures of happy people and, if possible, the pictures should show them with your products. In general, pictures of women tend to be better than pictures of men. Finally, make sure that the images you choose are the right size for the type of ad you have chosen.

  1. Include Facebook Pixel

Even if you don’t intend to run Facebook ads right away, it is important to have a Facebook pixel set up. Facebook Pixel is a snippet of code that you install on your ecommerce website to give to people who have already visited your website. It helps in creating custom audiences for future ads. It also collects data and fires cookies when you install them on your website. It also tracks visitors when they interact with your website in your ads. Facebook Pixel allows you to provide remarketing and custom audience information when you want to launch an advertising campaign.

  1. Use Facebook ads to communicate your brand story

In addition to its commercial appeal, Facebook is essentially a social media platform. That means most people use it to connect and interact instead of shopping. Consequently, it gives you the perfect opportunity to build relationships with prospects and future customers. And you can do that with ads to communicate your brand’s story. A recent study by Facebook found that creating an ad sequence that conveys your most important brand messages, rather than selling them, improves overall conversion rates by as much as 87%.

There you have it. The bottom line in creating a solid Facebook marketing campaign is getting back to basics – your target audience and ideal buyer.